Tony Sayegh

Photo: Tony Sayegh

Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
U.S. Department of the Treasury

Tony Sayegh was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Treasury by President Donald J. Trump on March 6, 2017. He leads the department’s Office of Public Affairs, and was detailed to the White House from the summer of 2017 through the spring of 2018 to help lead the coordination of the Administration’s effort on tax reform.

Before joining the Administration, he was Executive Vice President of Jamestown Associates, a nationally recognized political strategy, communications and advertising firm that was part of the media team for the Trump campaign. He was also a political analyst and contributor for the Fox News Channel. In the spring of 2017, he served as a Fellow at the Georgetown University Institute of Politics.

Mr. Sayegh has spent much of his career advising individuals, companies and organizations on public affairs, political campaign management, and strategic communications. He worked in numerous Republican communications and press roles, including for Vice Presidential candidate Jack Kemp and during the 2000 Republican National Convention.

In 2003, Mr. Sayegh was elected to public office, serving two terms as the Deputy Mayor and Trustee in Tuckahoe, New York.

Mr. Sayegh attended The George Washington University in Washington D.C., where he received both a B.A in Political Science and Master of Public Administration. He was awarded the Presidential Administrative Fellowship to pursue graduate studies at the University and later served on the University Board of Trustees.