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401. OFAC’s 50 Percent Rule states that the property and interests in property of entities directly or indirectly owned 50 percent or more in the aggregate by one or more blocked persons are considered blocked. How does OFAC interpret indirect ownership as it relates to certain complex ownership structures?

"Indirectly," as used in OFAC’s 50 Percent Rule, refers to one or more blocked persons' ownership of shares of an entity through another entity or entities that are 50 percent or more owned in the aggregate by the blocked person(s). OFAC urges persons… Read more

5. How do I determine if I have a valid OFAC match?

Please take the following “due diligence” steps in determining a valid OFAC match. If you are calling about a wire transfer or other “live” transaction: Step 1. Is the “hit” or “match” against OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list, one of its… Read more

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921. What is the purpose of Executive Order (E.O.) of August 20, 2021, “Blocking Property with Respect to Certain Russian Energy Export Pipelines”?

The Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act of 2019, 22 U.S.C. 9526 note, as amended (PEESA), requires the imposition of sanctions with respect to the provision of vessels engaged in specified activities for the construction of certain Russian energy export… Read more

920. How are the sanctions related to import restrictions imposed on Russia pursuant to the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Act of 1991 (CBW Act), as announced by the State Department on August 20, 2021, being implemented?

The announced import restrictions related to the permanent importation of firearms and ammunition that are the growth, product, or manufacture of the Russian Federation will be implemented by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,… Read more