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Frequently Asked Questions

802. May persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction provide mail or parcel delivery services to Cuba or Cuban nationals?


With respect to the receipt or transmission of mail and parcels between the United States and Cuba, Section 515.542(a) of the CACR authorizes persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction to engage in all transactions, including payments, incident to such activities, provided that the importation or exportation of such mail and parcels is exempt from or authorized by the CACR. For a complete description of what this general license authorizes and the restrictions that apply, see 31 CFR § 515.542(a).

This general license does not authorize transactions incident to the receipt of transmission of mail and parcels between third countries and Cuba, or involving Cuban nationals in third countries. To the extent that such mail or parcels contain information or informational materials, as defined in 31 CFR § 515.332, transactions incident to their receipt or transmission are exempt pursuant to 31 CFR § 515.206 or authorized by 31 CFR § 515.545(a). Additionally, the provision of mail or parcel delivery services to a Cuban national who is an individual located in a third country is authorized by 31 CFR § 515.585(a), provided that the transaction does not involve a commercial export of goods or services to Cuba.

Date Released
September 6, 2019