OFAC is moving soon!

We will be moving all OFAC content to a brand new website. OFAC's Sanctions List Search and sanctions list data will remain at the current URLs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, OFAC does maintain its own web-based search service. It can be accessed by clicking here.
In addition to returning results that are exact matches (when the match threshold slider bar is set to 100%), Sanctions List Search can also provide a broader set of results using fuzzy logic. This logic uses character and string matching as well as phonetic… Read more
The score field indicates the similarity between the name entered and resulting matches on one of OFAC's sanctions lists. It is calculated using two matching logic algorithms: one based upon phonetics, and a second based upon the similarity of the characters… Read more
The minimum name score field limits the number of names returned by the search. A value of 100 will return only names that exactly match the characters entered into the name field. A value of 50 will return all names that are deemed to be 50% similar based… Read more
Sanctions List Search will first look for potential matches based on the first letter of  input search terms and by checking for matches at least 50% or more similar based on edit distance (edit distance is the minimum number of operations required to… Read more
OFAC cannot make such a recommendation because each search has its own unique set of facts surrounding it. Users of Sanctions List Search must make their own match threshold determinations based upon their own internal risk assessments and established… Read more
Only the name field influences the score.
Only the name field uses the fuzzy searching logic.
Sanctions List Search’s ID field uses exact character matching to provide users with a result. In order to receive the broadest number of results, users should conduct ID field searches both with and without any non-alphanumeric characters.
Sanctions List Search is a free tool provided by OFAC to assist the public in complying with sanctions programs. It is intended to be used by individual users that are looking for potential matches on OFAC's sanctions lists. It should not be utilized by… Read more
Sanctions List Search will look for and return potential matches from the  Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Consolidated Sanctions Lists. The user can look under the List column to see which list(s) a potential match is on. Please see the Consolidated… Read more
OFAC's Sanctions List Search is updated frequently and always contains the latest versions of OFAC's sanctions lists. Like OFAC's other list-related publications, Sanctions List Search does not contain historical information. Names that have been removed from… Read more
OFAC’s Sanctions List Search application has been available to the public since 2011. Over the years the tool’s userbase grew to a point where the original infrastructure and design for the application could not keep up with demand.  In late 2020, OFAC took… Read more