Counter Terrorism Designations

Release date


The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

GARIYEV, Denis Valiullovich (a.k.a. GARIEV, Denis; a.k.a. GARIYEV, Denis), G.Sankt-Peterburg Vyborgskiy R-N Lunacharskogo PR. d. 37 korp. 2 kv. 214, Saint Petersburg, Russia; DOB 13 Mar 1978; alt. DOB 03 Mar 1978; POB Khabarovsk Region, USSR; nationality Russia; Gender Male; Passport 654034325 (Russia); alt. Passport XXIIAH534753 (individual) [SDGT] (Linked To: RUSSIAN IMPERIAL MOVEMENT).

TRUSHCHALOV, Nikolay Nikolayevich (a.k.a. TRUSCHALOV, Nicholas; a.k.a. TRUSHCHALOV, Mykola Mykolayovych; a.k.a. TRUSHCHALOV, Nicholas; a.k.a. TRUSHCHALOV, Nikolay; a.k.a. TRUSHHALOV, Nikolaj Nikolaevich), Saint Petersburg, Russia; DOB 01 Jan 1980; POB Russia; Gender Male (individual) [SDGT] (Linked To: RUSSIAN IMPERIAL MOVEMENT).

VOROBYEV, Stanislav Anatolyevich (a.k.a. ANATOLYEVICH, Vorobyov Stanislav; a.k.a. VOROBEV, Stanislav; a.k.a. VOROBYOV, Stanislav), VO 27 Liniya (P/YA) 8 17, Saint Petersburg, Russia; G.Sankt-Peterburg Petrogradskiy R-N Bolshoy P.S. PR. d. 106 kv. 5, Saint Petersburg, Russia; DOB 02 Jun 1960; nationality Russia; Gender Male; Passport IVG678677 (Russia) (individual) [SDGT] (Linked To: RUSSIAN IMPERIAL MOVEMENT).

The following entity has been added to OFAC's SDN List:

RUSSIAN IMPERIAL MOVEMENT (a.k.a. RUSSIAN IMPERIAL LEGION; a.k.a. RUSSKOE IMPERSKOYE DVIZHENIYE; a.k.a. RUSSKOIE IMPERSKOE DVIZHENIE; a.k.a. SAINT PETERSBURG IMPERIAL LEGION; a.k.a. "IMPERIAL LEGION"; a.k.a. "RID"; a.k.a. "RIL"; a.k.a. "RIM"), Saint Petersburg, Russia; PO Box 128, Saint Petersburg 197022, Russia; Website [SDGT].