(a)     A mentor or protégé firm may voluntarily withdraw from the program. However, in no event shall such withdrawal impact the program mission and contract requirements under the prime contract.

(b)    Annual reports shall be submitted by the mentor and protégé firms to the OSDBU on program progress as it pertains to their mentor-protégé agreement. Large business mentors may submit these reports as part of their Small/Small Disadvantaged Business Plan submission in accordance with the due date on the SF295.

The Department of the Treasury will evaluate these reports by considering the following:

1. Specific actions taken by the contractor, during the evaluation period, to increase the participation of protégés as suppliers to the Federal Government and to commercial entities;

2. Specific actions taken by the mentor, during the evaluation period, to develop the technical and corporate administrative expertise of a protégé as defined in the agreement;

3. To what extent the protégé has met the developmental objectives in the agreement; and

4. To what extent the mentor firm's participation in the Mentor-Protégé Program resulted in the protégé receiving contract(s) and subcontract(s) from private firms and agencies other than the Department of the Treasury.

(c)   The Department of the Treasury OSDBU will submit the annual reports to the cognizant contracting officer regarding participating prime contractor(s) performance in the program. The cognizant contracting officer shall forward a copy of the annual reports to the bureau small business specialist for their files.

(d)    Mentor and protégé firms shall submit an evaluation to the OSDBU at the conclusion of the mutually agreed upon program period, the conclusion of the contract, or the voluntary withdrawal by either party from the program, whichever comes first.

(e)    Protégé firms shall submit a post completion report 24 months after exiting the Mentor-Protégé Program.  The post completion report will assist the Department of the Treasury in assessing the progress of Protégé firms upon completion of the program.  The report can be found under the forms section.