Protégé Firms

In order to be eligible as a protégé in the program, the firm must be:

  1. A SB, WOSB, EDWOSB, SDB,  HUBZone, VOSB, or SDVOSB as described under the definitions section of this program.
  2. Small in the NAICS code for the services or supplies to be provided by the protégé under its subcontract to the mentor; and
  3. Eligible for receipt of government contracts.

Except for SDB or HUBZone firms, a protégé firm may self-certify to a mentor firm that it meets the requirements listed above. The mentor may rely in good faith on written representations by potential protégés that they meet the specified eligibility requirements. 

Protégés may not have multiple mentors. Protégés participating in mentor-protégé programs in addition to the Treasury program should maintain a system for preparing separate reports of mentoring activity for each agency's program.