Enterprise Data Management (EDM)


Enterprise Data Management (EDM), as a product suite within Enterprise Business Solutions, institutes and fosters ongoing methodology and technology solutions to help analysts use enterprise data assets to measure, manage and influence improved organizational performance.  EDM’s Data and Analytics (DnA) system platform organizes data from disparate systems to provide consolidated analysis and reporting for its customers.  The Workforce Analytics module leverages the DnA platform to deliver value in the Human Capital domain, and is fully integrated with the HR Connect product suite.  EDM provides services Treasury-wide, as well as to non-Treasury customers through the Treasury Shared Services Division. 


EDM Service

Workforce Analytics (WA)

WA delivers sophisticated reporting on data managed by EBS systems plus the NFC Payroll system. It is designed to assist customers in achieving human capital management strategic goals while also reducing costs. 

Features Include:

  • Data-driven reports that build insight, agility and confidence in making complex workforce decisions
  • Single source of truth“ reporting that combines and layers disparate data into a collective view while minimizing cost 

Reporting is accomplished via a single data warehouse instance that aggregates data from multiple source systems. This multi-source approach breaks the limitations of traditional silo-based reporting options contained in individual systems (i.e., HR, payroll, learning, hiring, etc.).