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Frequently Asked Questions

441. Does General License (GL) D-2 authorize the exportation of fee-based cloud computing services to Iran?


Yes.  Paragraph(a)(1) of GL D-2 authorizes the exportation to Iran of fee-based cloud computing services that support the exchange of communications over the internet.  In addition, paragraph (a)(2)(i) authorizes software that is incident to, or enables services incident to, the exchange of communications over the internet, and paragraph (a)(3) authorizes software described in the Annex to GL D-2 and services necessary for the operation of such software, in both cases provided that such software is designated EAR99 or classified by the U.S. Department of Commerce on the CCL under ECCN 5D992.c or, in the case of software that is not subject to the EAR, would be designated EAR99 if it were located in the United States or would meet the criteria for classification under ECCN 5D992.c if it were subject to the EAR.  Please see FAQ 1087–1089 for additional guidance. 

Date Updated: January 11, 2023

Date Released
February 17, 2015