DATE: November 18, 2013

SUBJECT: Department of the Treasury Orders and Directives Program

  1. PURPOSE. This Directive establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for issuing Treasury Orders, Treasury Directives, and Treasury Directive Publications in the Treasury Orders and Directives Program. It also authorizes the release of the Department of the Treasury Directive Publication (TD P) 00-05.
  2. SCOPE. This Directive applies to all bureaus, offices, and organizations in the Department of the Treasury, including the offices of Inspectors General within the Department. The provisions of this Directive shall not be construed to interfere with or impede the authorities or independence of the Department’s Inspectors General.
  3. POLICY. The Treasury Orders and Directives Program is comprised of official documents issued at the Departmental level that convey the Department’s policies, procedures, and delegations of authority and/or responsibility to managers and employees throughout the Department. The Department shall:
    1. limit the content of Treasury Orders and Treasury Directives to delegations of authority and/or responsibility, statements of Department policy, and descriptions of Essential Procedures;
    2. disseminate Departmental procedures through a Treasury Directive Publication rather than a Treasury Order or Directive when an extensive statement of Essential Procedures is necessary; and
    3. grant responsible officials in the bureaus discretion to determine how to implement policies at the bureau level.
    1. Administrative Edits are minor modifications to a document to correct errors, update references, clarify existing language, or make other technical or structural changes.
    2. Essential Procedures are procedures required by external authority or public law; for health or safety reasons; or for standardization of practices or systems throughout the Department.
    3. Policy is a statement of important, high-level direction that guides decisions and actions throughout the Department.
    4. Secretarial Officer refers to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, an Under Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, the Fiscal Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Inspectors General, General Counsel, or Chief Financial Officer.
    5. A Treasury Order (TO) is a document, signed by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary, that:
      1. 1) establishes policy with Department-wide significance;
      2. 2) delegates authority and/or responsibility residing in the Secretary to a Secretarial Officer, bureau head, or another Treasury official; or
      3. 3) sets forth reporting relationships.
    6. A Treasury Directive (TD) is a document, signed by a Secretarial Officer other than the Secretary or Deputy Secretary, that:
      1. 1) conveys Treasury policy and/or reporting requirements;
      2. 2) delegates authority below the Secretarial Officer level or among or between Secretarial Officers other than the Secretary or Deputy Secretary; or
      3. 3) describes a high-level process or Essential Procedure.
    7. A Treasury Directive Publication (TD P) is a detailed explanation of policies and procedures that implements and is authorized for publication by a TD. A TD P is usually published in the form of a handbook or manual. A Secretarial Officer does not need to sign a Treasury Directive Publication.
    8. The Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) is the Treasury Bureau or Departmental Office responsible for the subject matter of a TO, TD, or TD P.
    1. The Assistant Secretary for Management (ASM) is responsible for the overall administration of the Treasury Orders and Directives Program. The ASM reviews and clears all documents in the Program that are prepared for the signature of Secretarial Officers. The ASM may delegate this authority to his/her Deputy Assistant Secretaries as appropriate.
    2. The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Privacy, Transparency, and Records (DASPTR) has executive oversight of the Treasury Orders and Directives Program. The DAS PTR has the authority to:
      1. 1) review, clear, and approve Administrative Edits to documents prepared in the Program, after consultation with the Office of the General Counsel. Once the DASPTR approves Administrative Edits for a document, the Administrative Edits become final, and the pre-existing Treasury Official Signature and the effective date of the document remain the same.
      2. 2) review, clear, and approve the cancellation or reaffirmation of a Treasury Order or Directive requested by the OPR, after consultation with the Office of the General Counsel.
    3. The Treasury Orders and Directives Program (TOD) is designed to achieve the policy objectives set out in this TD. TOD will:
      1. 1) notify the OPR for each TO, TD, or TD P whenever the schedule set forth in paragraph 5(f) below requires a review;
      2. 2) provide assistance and support for OPR review of documents and facilitate the clearance process for all documents prepared in the program;
      3. 3) circulate the new, revised, reaffirmed, or cancelled TO, TD, or TD P to the affected bureaus and offices for coordination and approval;
      4. 4) forward a final document (or cancellation determination) to the appropriate official for signature; and
      5. 5) post the TO, TD, or TD P on theGreen and, and retain all official copies of the documents.
    4. Secretarial Officers and bureau heads will:
      1. 1) ensure that TOs and TDs prepared by their staffs adhere to the definitions as outlined in paragraphs 4(d) and 4(e); and
      2. 2) ensure that offices under their supervision promptly initiate necessary steps to revise, reaffirm, or administratively edit or cancel a TO, TD, or TD P.
    5. The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for reviewing each proposed new or revised TO or TD, and proposed cancellations thereof, and for reviewing TD Ps as appropriate, to assure their legal sufficiency and to determine if they must be published in the Federal Register.
    6. The OPR shall conduct periodic reviews of each TO, TD, or TD P to determine whether it should be reaffirmed, revised, or cancelled. Such review should take place no later than five years after issuance/reaffirmation of the TO, TD, or TD P. However, the TO, TD, or TD P shall remain effective notwithstanding the failure to engage in or complete such review.
  6. AUTHORITY. 5 USC 301.
  7. CANCELLATION. TD 00-05, “Department of the Treasury Orders and Directives System,” dated April 10, 2010, is superseded.
  8. OFFICE OF PRIMARY INTEREST. Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Privacy, Transparency, and Records, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Management.


Nani A. Coloretti
Assistant Secretary for Management