Treasury Quarterly Refunding

Changes in debt management policy are generally informed by and communicated through the quarterly refunding process near the middle of each calendar quarter.

Quarterly Refunding Process

A summary of the Treasury Quarterly Refunding process.

Most Recent Quarterly Refunding Documents

Treasury releases a variety of documents and data relating to Treasury borrowing and debt management policy each quarter.  Find them here.

Quarterly Refunding Webcasts

Each quarter, Treasury provides a live web stream of its presentation of the quarterly refunding statement and questions and answers with the press. Find links to past Quarterly Refunding Webcasts here.

Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC)

Each quarter, Treasury debt managers consult with the (TBAC). Information about TBAC members and their backgrounds can be found here.

Primary Dealers 

Each quarter, Treasury debt managers meet with  primary dealers that trade with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the U.S. government securities market. Find out more about them here.

Quarterly Refunding Archives

Looking for data and documents released as part of past Treasury Quarterly Refundings? You can find them here.