Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture (TEOAF)

​The Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture (TEOAF) administers the Treasury Forfeiture Fund (TFF). The TFF is the receipt account for deposit of non-tax forfeitures made pursuant to laws enforced or administered by it participating Treasury and Department of Homeland Security agencies.

Participating Agencies

The Fund was established in 1992 as the successor to what was then the Customs Forfeiture Fund. The TFF participating agencies are:


Special Fund

The TFF is a special fund.  Special funds are federal fund collections that are earmarked by law for a specific purpose. The enabling legislation for TFF (Title 31 U.S.C. 9703) defines those purposes for which Treasury forfeiture revenue may be used. In addition to the agencies listed above, the funds can be allocated to other law enforcement entities that do not have forfeiture authority, such as financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), and Tax and Trade Bureau.

TEOAF Functions

As the administrator for the TFF, TEOAF performs the following functions:
  • Promotes the use of proceeds from asset forfeitures to fund programs and activities aimed at disrupting criminal enterprises and enhancing forfeiture capabilities;
  • Manages TFF revenues to cover the cost of asset forfeiture program;
  • Promotes financial stability and vitality of the Fund;
  • Identifies and addresses program risks.


Civil Rights and Diversity


Contact Information

​To contact TEOAF in Washington, DC or for general inquires about TEOAF use our Online General Feedback form or call 202-622-9600.