Government Shared Services

Treasury Franchise Fund

The Treasury Franchise Fund (TFF) provides Treasury Bureaus and outside agencies support services on a competitive and fully cost-reimbursable basis.


Shared Services Program (SSP)

The Shared Services Programs within the Treasury Franchise Fund provide common administrative services that benefit customers both within Treasury and outside agencies. The SSP provide these services on a centralized basis, where they can be administered more advantageously and more economically than they could be provided otherwise.


Enterprise Applications (EA)

Enterprise Applications (EA) is part of Treasury’s Departmental Offices (DO) within the Office of Management, serving as the enterprise applications arm of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). Enterprise Applications operates as a Shared Service Provider and is a designated HR line of Business (HRLOB), offering shared and scalable products, platforms and services across the Federal landscape. Shared offerings include: HRConnect, Treasury's enterprise human capital system; Workforce Analytics, Treasury’s enterprise data and analytics system for reporting human capital data; Enterprise Content Management (ECM), a framework of tools and technologies to improve the management of unstructured content; and Digital Services, consisting of websites and mobile applications.


Administrative Resource Center (ARC)

ARC is part of Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service and provides a full range of administrative services for various federal agencies.  ARC has been designated as a Federal Shared Service Provider for financial management.


Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO) Marketplace Catalog

The Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO), an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Treasury-designated initiative, manages a marketplace of financial management (FM) solutions and services that drives innovation, compliance with federal policies, standardization, and automation.  The FM QSMO collaborates with federal agencies and industry stakeholders to standardize and streamline the core financial system landscape, moving agencies away from outdated systems to modernized solutions.

The FM QSMO helps agencies plan for FM system modernizations and manages a marketplace for agencies to explore, identify, and research standards-based FM solutions and services. The FM QSMO Marketplace Catalog showcases offerings from commercial vendors, federal shared service providers (FSSPs), and products and services offered by Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service. 



The Government section of the TreasuryDirect website includes information on the Federal Investments Program, the Trust Funds Management Program, State and Local Government Series (SLGS) securities, the Federal Borrowings Program, liquidation of securities by executive agencies, and more.


Invoice Processing Platform

The Invoice Processing Platform (IPP), is a secure, Web-based service that more efficiently manages government invoicing from purchase order (PO) through payment notification, at no charge to federal agencies and their vendors