DATE: March 18, 1993


SUBJECT: Determinations of Liability for Losses, U.S. Savings Bonds and Notes

  1. DELEGATION. By virtue of the authority vested in the Secretary of the Treasury under 31 U.S.C. 321(b), and by virtue of the authority delegated to the Fiscal Assistant Secretary by Treasury Order (TO) 101-05, 1 hereby delegate to the Commissioner of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service the authority prescribed under 31 U.S.C. 3126 to make determination of losses and relief from liability related to redeeming United States Savings Bonds and Notes.
  2. SCOPE. This directive applies to all bureaus, offices, and organizations in the Department of the Treasury, including the offices of inspectors general within the Department. The provisions of this order shall not be construed to interfere with or impede the authorities or independence of the Department’s Inspector General, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, or the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
  3. REDELEGATION. The authority delegated above to the Commissioner of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service may be redelegated to subordinate officials.
  4. CANCELLATION. Treasury Directive 16-52, "Determinations of Liability for Losses, U.S. Savings Bonds and Notes," dated September 22, 1986, is superseded.
  5. AUTHORITY. TO 101-05, "Reporting Relationships and Supervision of Officials, Offices and Bureaus, Delegation of Certain Authority, and order of Succession in the Department of the Treasury."
  6. REFERENCE. 31 CFR Part 321, Subpart E.
  7. OFFICE OF PRIMARY INTEREST. Office of the Fiscal Assistant Secretary.


Gerald Murphy
Fiscal Assistant Secretary