Date: January 25, 2013

SUBJECT: Authentication of Department of the Treasury Documents

  1. PURPOSE. This Directive sets forth the responsibilities and the process for authenticating copies or transcripts of books, records, papers or documents under the seal of the Department of the Treasury.
  2. SCOPE. This Directive applies to all bureaus, offices, and organizations in the Department of the Treasury, including the offices of inspectors general within the Department, with the exception of the Office of the Comptroller (OCC). The provisions of this directive shall not be construed to interfere with or impede the authorities or independence of the Department’s inspectors general.
  3. POLICY. When an official, certified copy of a Treasury document is required in a legal proceeding, or for any other official purpose, it is the policy of the Department of the Treasury to use Treasury Department Form (TDF) 10-01.7, "Notice of Certification," to authenticate Treasury documents according to the process set forth in this Directive.
    1. Legal Custodian of the Document(s) means the head of an office at any organizational level that maintains the records to be certified in the normal course of business.
    2. Certifying Official means the official authorized, pursuant to Treasury Directive 12-51, to affix the seal of the Department of the Treasury.
    1. The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Privacy, Transparency, and Records, Heads of Bureaus, the Inspector General, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration shall ensure that Certifying Officials are properly appointed and authorized for their respective bureaus and offices in accordance with Treasury Directive 12-51.
    2. The Director, Office of Treasury Records shall coordinate the process of authenticating documents for Departmental Offices’ organizations.
  6. AUTHORITY. Treasury Order 101-12, “Delegation of Authority to Designate Certifying Officers” dated December 19, 1955.
  7. EXCEPTION. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has its own official seal and process for certifying OCC documents; therefore, persons requiring certified OCC documents should follow OCC guidelines and contact the OCC directly.
  8. REFERENCE. Treasury Directive 12-51, "Affixing the Department of the Treasury Seal," dated January 15, 2009.
  9. CANCELLATION. Treasury Directive 25-01, "Authentication of Department of the Treasury Documents", dated September 11, 2002, is superseded.
  10. OFFICE OF PRIMARY INTEREST. Office of Treasury Records, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Privacy, Transparency, and Records, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Management and Chief Financial Officer.


Nani A. Coloretti
Assistant Secretary for Management