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How the Treasury Department is Taking Action

What Treasury is Doing

The Treasury Department is supporting American workers and businesses who are impacted by the coronavirus. In February, Secretary Mnuchin was appointed to the President’s Coronavirus Task Force, where he meets daily with the Vice President and our nation’s top health officials. For the latest information from the Task Force, please visit www.whitehouse.gov/news/.




In the weeks immediately after the passage of the CARES Act, Americans will see fast and direct relief in the form of Economic Impact Payments. For more information, CLICK HERE.


Assistance for Small Businesses

The Paycheck Protection Program prioritizes millions of Americans employed by small businesses by authorizing up to $349 billion toward job retention and certain other expenses.

Small businesses and eligible nonprofit organizations, Veterans organizations, and Tribal businesses described in the Small Business Act, as well as individuals who are self-employed or are independent contractors, are eligible if they also meet program size standards.


Preserving jobs for American industry

The CARES Act assists eligible businesses looking for payroll support to keep Americans working. For more information, CLICK HERE.

The IRS rolled out a refundable tax credit that is 50 percent of up to $10,000 in wages paid by an eligible employer whose business has been financially impacted by COVID-19. For answers to frequently asked questions, CLICK HERE.

The IRS is issuing tax credits in order to give small and mid-sized businesses the resources they need to cover the cost of providing paid sick and family leave wages, CLICK HERE.

Q&A on Payroll Support to Air Carriers and Contractors Under Division A, Title IV, Subtitle B of the CARES Act.

Q&A on Payroll Support to Air Carriers and Contractors – 4.3.20 Update


Procedures and Applications for Treasury Programs

To apply for Payroll Support to Air Carriers and Contractors under Division A, Title IV, Subtitle B of the CARES Act, CLICK HERE.

Please Note: Effective 11:00 a.m., April 3, 2020, applications must be submitted through our online application form. Only applications completed online will be accepted. If you submitted an application before 11:00 a.m. on April 3, you do not need to resubmit your information, and we will continue processing your application. Also note that the online application form is compatible with the following Web browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome 80.0+,Safari 13.1+. Firefox 74.0+. If you need technical support to complete your online application, please contact caresITforms@treasury.gov to request assistance.

FAQs: Application Procedures for Payroll Support to Air Carriers and Contractors

To access the Procedures and Minimum Requirements for Loans to Air Carriers and Eligible Businesses and National Security Businesses under Division A, Title IV, Subtitle A of the CARES Act, CLICK HERE.


COVID-19 scams

If you receive calls, emails, or other communications claiming to be from the Treasury Department and offering COVID-19 related grants or stimulus payments in exchange for personal financial information, or an advance fee, or charge of any kind, including the purchase of gift cards, please do not respond.  These are scams.  Please contact the FBI at www.ic3.gov so that the scammers can be tracked and stopped.

Fraud involving payment of Federal taxes should be reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.


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