U.S. Derivatives Contracts with Foreigners (Holdings and Cash Settlements)



The April 27, 2007 press release announced release of this data series on May 15, 2007, along with FAQs about the data. A suggested guide is available at Notice #1 below.

  1. Data relating to all foreign residents:
    1. U.S. Holdings, gross negative fair value, also in "csv" format.
    2. U.S Holdings, gross positive fair value, also in "csv" format.
    3. U.S. net cash settlements received from foreign residents, also in "csv" format
  2. Data by country and region:
    1. Data by Country
    2. Grand Total (total of all countries).
    3. Global (includes a set for each country). Also available in "csv" and "txt (tab-delimited)" formats, to download for spreadsheets. The list of country codes-country names is in "Resources" in the upper-right section of the webpage.
    4. Europe & Canada.
    5. Latin America & Caribbean.
    6. Asia.
    7. Africa, International Organizations, & Others



  1. U.S. Cross-Border Derivatives Data: A User's Guide (PDF), from the Federal Reserve Bulletin, May 2007, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. This article provides detailed information on the uses and interpretation of the TIC derivatives data.
  2. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), U.S. Department of Commerce, discussed the new TIC data on financial derivatives (PDF) in BEA's July 2007 article on the "Annual Revision of U.S. International Accounts".
  3. Quarterly data are also available in Section V of the "Capital Movements" tables in the December 2013 and earlier issues of the Treasury Bulletin.