List of Selected Reincorporated Companies

List of Selected Reincorporated Companies, prepared only for purposes of Reporting on the TIC Forms

  1. (NEW, 10-15-2020) The LIST (revised October 2020) is effective beginning with reports as of OCTOBER 2020 and thereafter.
    1. The List will be useful for the SHC/SHCA reports, as well as for the SLT, SHL/SHLA, and S reports. It may also be useful for other TIC reports.
    2. This list does not include all reincorporated companies; it only includes companies thought to be most helpful to TIC-reporters.
    3. The LIST (PDF) (revised October 2020) is also available in PDF format.
  2. Previous List, that was effective for reports as of January 2008 through September 2020.
    1. The LIST (January 2008).
    2. The LIST (PDF) (January 2008) also available in PDF format.​