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Treasury Designates Individuals and Entities Fueling Violence in Iraq

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Washington, DC--The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated five individuals and two entities under Executive Order (E.O.) 13438 for threatening the peace and stability of Iraq and the Government of Iraq.  Four of the individuals designated today commit, direct, support, or pose a significant risk of committing acts of violence against Iraqi citizens, Iraqi government officials, and Coalition Forces.

These individuals are targeting and planning attacks against innocent Iraqis, the Government of Iraq, Coalition Forces, and U.S. troops. Their lethal and destabilizing tactics, especially by Iran's Qods Force, are intended to undermine Iraq as it strives for peace and prosperity, said Stuart Levey, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. 

One of the individuals designated today is a member of Iran's Qods Force, the arm of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) that is responsible for providing material support to Lebanese Hizballah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command. Further, the Qods Force provides lethal support in the form of weapons, training, funding, and guidance to select groups of Iraqi Shia militants who target and kill Coalition and Iraqi forces and Iraqi civilians. The IRGC–Qods Force was named a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the Treasury Department on October 25, 2007.

The Syria-based individual and entities designated today act for and on behalf of, or are owned and controlled by, Syria-based Specially Designated National Mish'an Al-Jaburi, who was designated by Treasury under E.O. 13438 in January 2008 for providing financial, material, and technical support for acts of violence that threaten the peace and stability of Iraq.

Today's action follows President Bush's issuance of E.O. 13438 on July 17, 2007, which targets insurgent and militia groups in Iraq and their supporters. Designations under E.O. 13438 are administered by Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control and prohibit all transactions between the designees and any U.S. person and freeze any assets the designees may have under U.S. jurisdiction. Treasury previously designated four individuals and one entity under E.O. 13438 in January 2008.

Identifying Information

Abdol Reza Shahlai
Abdul Reza Shala'i
`Abd-al Reza Shalai
`Abdorreza Shahlai
Abdolreza Shahla'i
Abdul-Reza Shahlaee
Hajj Yusef
Haji Yusif
Hajji Yasir
Hajji Yusif
`Yusuf Abu-al-Karkh'
Year of Birth:             
Circa 1957
Kermanshah, Iran
Alt. Location:             
Mehran Military Base, Ilam Province, Iran

Iran-based Abdul Reza Shahlai--a deputy commander in the IRGC–Qods Force--threatens the peace and stability of Iraq by planning Jaysh al-Mahdi (JAM) Special Groups attacks against Coalition Forces in Iraq.  Shahlai has also provided material and logistical support to Shia extremist groups--to include JAM Special Groups--that conduct attacks against U.S. and Coalition Forces.  In one instance, Shahlai planned the January 20, 2007 attack by JAM Special Groups against U.S. soldiers stationed at the Provincial Joint Coordination Center in Karbala, Iraq.  Five U.S. soldiers were killed and three were wounded during the attack.

In late-August 2006, Shahlai provided material support to JAM Special Groups by supplying JAM Special Groups members with 122mm grad rockets, 240mm rockets, 107mm Katyushas, RPG-7s, 81mms, 60mm mortars, and a large quantity of C-4.

Shahlai also approved and coordinated the training of JAM Special Groups.  As of May 2007, Shahlai served as the final approving and coordinating authority for all Iran-based Lebanese Hizballah training for JAM Special Groups to fight Coalition Forces in Iraq.  In late-August 2006, Shahlai instructed a senior Lebanese Hizballah official to coordinate anti-aircraft rocket training for JAM Special Groups.

Akram Abas al-Ka'bi
Sheik Akram al-Ka'abi
Shaykh Abu-Akram al-Ka'abi
Abu 'Ali
Year of Birth:             
Circa 1976
Alt. Year of Birth:     
Circa 1973
Place of Birth:            
al 'Amarah, Iraq
Alt. Place of Birth:     
al Kalamiy, Iraq

JAM Special Groups leader Akram 'Abbas al-Kabi threatens the peace and stability of Iraq and the Government of Iraq by planning and leading attacks against members of the Government of Iraq and Coalition Forces.  As of early-2008, al-Kabi was planning multiple attacks against Coalition Forces in order to show that JAM Special Groups were capable of conducting operations even when there was a freeze.  In one instance, in late-February 2008, JAM Special Groups led by al-Kabi claimed responsibility for mortar and rocket attacks against Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces in Baghdad's International Zone.  In March 2008, al-Kabi also led JAM Special Groups members who launched rockets into the International Zone.  Additionally, as of February 2008, al-Kabi sanctioned attacks targeting Coalition Forces to include indirect fire attacks against the International Zone.

Al-Kabi also provided financial and material support to Shia militia groups that committed acts of violence in Iraq.  In one instance, in early-April 2008, al-Kabi paid a JAM Special Groups leader 50 million Iraqi dinars (approximately $41,684 USD) for carrying out three separate improvised explosive device (IED) attacks against Coalition Forces in Baghdad.  As of February 2008, al-Kabi had also allegedly provided funding to JAM Special Groups for recruitment purposes.  Separately, as of early-2008, al-Kabi was providing weapons for large-scale military operations against Coalition Forces.

Harith Al-Dari
Harith Al-Dhari
Harith Al-Dari Al-Zawbai
Harith S. Al-Dhari
Hareth Al Dari
Hareth Al-Dauri
Harith Dari Al-Zawba'i
Harith Al-Duri
Year of Birth:             
Place of Birth:            
Baghdad, Iraq
Passport Number:       
Secretary General of the Muslim Ulema Council
Alt. Title:                    
Leader of the Muslim Scholars Association
Alt Location:              
Akashat, Iraq
Alt Location:              
Abu Ghuraib, Iraq
Alt Location:              
Alt Location:              

Jordan-based Harith Al-Dari-the Secretary General of the Muslim Ulama Council (MUC)-threatens the peace and stability of Iraq and the Government of Iraq by ordering and directing attacks against civilians and Iraqi and Coalition Forces.  As of mid-May 2008, Al-Dari ordered leaders of Al-Qa'ida in Iraq (AQI)-affiliated cells to attack Coalition Forces and the Sons of Iraq--local citizens who support Coalition and Iraqi Security Force operations against AQI and Sunni extremists by serving as auxiliary police forces. Two of these cells--both under Al-Dari's control--emplace IEDs along Coalition convoy routes and conduct small arms fire attacks against the Sons of Iraq at checkpoints.  Previously, in early-December 2005, Al-Dari ordered and was responsible for the kidnapping of four foreign nationals in Iraq by a group under Ansar al-Sunna, a Specially Designated Global Terrorist.

Separately, in early-October 2006, Al-Dari directed a plot to bring IEDs into the International Zone, Baghdad.  Although foiled, the plot was intended to be part of other coordinated attacks, to include plans to assassinate the commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq and the U.S. and British ambassadors to Iraq.  Al-Dari also ordered a MUC advisor to plan and direct late-November 2005 attacks against Coalition and Iraqi forces.

Al-Dari has also provided financial and material support to terrorist and insurgent groups that conduct attacks against Coalition and Iraqi Forces.  As of mid-April 2008, Al-Dari continuously travels between Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia to elicit monetary and material donations that finance two Sunni terrorist groups in Baghdad.  The groups--using funds provided by Al-Dari to purchase large amounts of bomb-making material, explosives, and weapons--emplace IEDs, launch mortars and rockets, and conduct sectarian violence.  Additionally, as of mid-April 2008, Al-Dari was in charge of funding for the AQI-affiliated Mujahidin Army (MA), to include distributing funds collected by foreign investors to support MA operations.  As of mid-2008, Al-Dari allegedly arranged financing for an AQI-affiliated group whose operational plans included emplacing IEDs, launching rockets, and conducting assassinations of political and religious figures that cooperated with the United States.  Additionally, as of early-2008, Al-Dari provided financial support to a Sunni extremist cell formed for the purpose of carrying out attacks on Multi-National Force – Iraq.

Previously, in June 2006, Al-Dari provided financial and logistical support for an attack against Iraqi forces.  Al-Dari owned a front company that received a money transfer of $5 million USD to finance a chemical mortar attack against Iraqi forces.  The money transfer was intended to provide logistical support for the attack, to include facilitating the use of Al-Dari's farm house and complex as a staging area and paying for the billeting of the foreign fighters slated to carry out the attack.

Ahmed Hassan Kaka al-Obeidi
Ali Al Nobani
Hazim Kaka
Year of Birth:             
Place of Birth:            
Baghdad, Iraq
Passport Number:       
Date of Issue:             
Place of Issue:            
Baghdad, Iraq
Al Humayra village, Taza sub district, Iraq
Alt. Location:             
Kurdi Al Nasir village, Iraq

Iraq-based Ahmad Hassan Kaka Al-Ubaydi--a former Iraqi Intelligence Service officer and a Ba'th Party official--leads a network of Kirkuk, Iraq-based insurgents that commits and poses a significant risk of committing acts of violence that threaten the peace and stability of Iraq and the Government of Iraq.  Kaka also provides financial support for acts of violence that have the purpose or effect of threatening the peace and stability of Iraq and the Government of Iraq.

In 2005, Kaka was identified as the leader of a Kirkuk-based network that attacked Coalition and Iraqi forces with IEDs and plotted assassinations of Iraqi government officials.  As of late-October 2007, Kaka directs assassinations of Iraqi Kurds and in one instance authorized a member of his network to assassinate tribal leaders because of their cooperation with U.S. and Iraqi forces.

Kaka also plans acts of violence targeting Kirkuk. In February 2007, Kaka planned to take over Kirkuk using sophisticated weapons and numerous armed fighters.
In addition to directing and planning acts of violence against Coalition and Iraqi forces, Kaka provided financial support for vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) attacks in Iraq.  As of August 2007, Kaka and his group purchased sedans to use as VBIEDs against Coalition and Iraqi government forces in Kirkuk, and certain government facilities in Mosul, Iraq.  Previously, in May 2007, Kaka was providing funding to a group that manufactured IEDs to attack Coalition Forces.

Raw'a al-Ousta
Raw'ah al-Usta
Raw'ah al-Ustah
Rawa al-`Usta
Rawaa Alousta
Raw'ah Al-Astah
Year of Birth:             
Damascus, Syria

Satellite Television Channel Al Ra'y
Al-Ra'y Satellite Channel
Al-Ra'i Satellite Channel
Al Ra'y satellite television station
Al Raie TV Channel
Arrai TV
Al Ra'y TV
The Opinion satellite television channel
Internet Address:
Email Address: 
Near Damascus in the Yaafur area, Syria

Soraqia for Media and Broadcasting                      
Soraqiya for Media and Broadcasting
SBC Television
Al Sufara' Street in the Ya'fur district of Damascus, Syria

Syria-based Al-Ra'y Satellite Television Channel is owned and controlled by Syria-based Specially Designated National Mish'an Al-Jaburi.  Although Al-Jaburi publicly denied owning Al-Ra'y and claimed it was owned by a Syrian woman named Raw'a Al- Usta, Al-Jaburi established Al-Ra'y in Syria, is the real owner of the station, and manages it through Al-Usta-his wife.  Al-Usta works for and on behalf of Al-Jaburi as Al-Ra'y's general manager--dealing with the station's personnel and technical issues and making requests on behalf of the station.  Syria-based Suraqiya for Media and Broadcasting--Al-Ra'y's parent company--is also owned and controlled by Al-Jaburi.

In addition to the reasons for which Al-Ra'y is being designated, as of late-March 2008, despite experiencing technical difficulties, Al-Ra'y had transmitted videos of Iraqi insurgent groups conducting operations.