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Treasury Designates Associates of Key Brothers' Circle Members

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated six individuals and four entities linked to the Brothers’ Circle, a Eurasian crime syndicate, pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13581, which targets significant transnational criminal organizations (TCOs). Today’s actions are focused on the criminal networks of two key members of the Brothers Circle, Vladislav Leontyev and Gafur Rakhimov, both of whom were designated by the Treasury Department for acting on behalf of the Brothers’ Circle in February 2012. Today’s designations include individuals and businesses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East working on behalf of Leontyev and Rakhimov and support Treasury’s efforts to disrupt the illicit financial networks that provide revenue and support for their global criminal activities.

“The key to targeting transnational criminal organizations, such as the Brothers’ Circle, is exposing the network behind the group’s leaders, which we have done today. We remain determined to continue our systematic effort to disrupt these networks in order to protect the U.S. financial system from abuse by these criminals,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen.

The Brothers’ Circle is one of five TCOs sanctioned under E.O. 13581, along with the Camorra, the Yakuza, Los Zetas, and MS-13. Today’s action brings to 28 the total number of individuals and entities designated by the Treasury Department for acting for or on behalf of the Brothers’ Circle.

The Brothers’ Circle is a criminal group composed of leaders and senior members of several Eurasian criminal groups that are largely based in the countries of the former Soviet Union, but which also operate in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. The Brothers’ Circle serves as a coordinating body for several criminal networks, mediates disputes between individual criminal networks, and directs member criminal activity globally.

Today’s action generally prohibits U.S. persons from conducting financial or commercial transactions with these entities and individuals, and freezes any assets they may have under U.S. jurisdiction.

Targets Linked to Vladislav Leontyev

Vladislav Leontyev was designated by the Treasury Department under E.O. 13581 on February 23, 2012, for acting for or on behalf of the Brothers’ Circle. Vladislav Leontyev is a key member of the Brothers’ Circle and has been involved in various criminal activities, including narcotics trafficking. He was also involved in a shooting between regional factions within Russian organized criminal networks over an attempt to seize control of a local precious metals enterprise. The following individuals were designated today, along with entities they own or control, because they act for or on behalf of Vladislav Leontyev:

Vadim Lyalin serves as a conduit for passing messages on behalf of Vladislav Leontyev;

Grigory Lepsveridze couriers money on behalf of Vladislav Leontyev;

Igor Shlykov has worked to get identification documents and to develop business opportunities in Africa on Vladislav Leontyev’s behalf. Igor Shlykov also owns or controls M S Group Invest OOO and Meridian Jet Management GmbH based in Russia and Austria respectively. He is the director-general of M S Group Invest OOO and owns 60 percent of Meridian Jet Management GmbH;

Gurgen House FZCO is owned or controlled by Lazar Shaybazian who was designated in February 2012, for acting for or on behalf of Vladislav Leontyev. Gurgen House FZCO has offices in the U.A.E., Uzbekistan, and Russia. Lazar Shaybazian uses Gurgen House FZCO to move money.

Targets Linked to Gafur Rakhimov

In February 2012, Gafur Rakhimov was designated by the Treasury Department pursuant to E.O. 13581 for acting on behalf of the Brothers’ Circle. Gafur Rakhimov is a key member of the Brothers’ Circle and one of the leaders of Uzbek organized crime with a specialty in the organized production of drugs in Central Asia. He has operated major international drug syndicates involving the trafficking of heroin. Sergey Moskalenko and Yakov Rybalskiy were designated today by the Treasury Department because they act for or on behalf of Gafur Rakhimov.

Artur Badalyan

Artur Badalyan and his company Fasten Tourism LLC were designed today pursuant to E.O. 13581 because they are used by key members of the Brothers’ Circle to courier money and make travel arrangements. Artur Badalyan is the owner and CEO of Fasten Tourism LLC.

For a chart detailing Treasury actions against the Brothers’ Circle click here.

Identifying Information:

Name: Artur Badalyan

a.k.a.: Arthur Badalyan

DOB: 09 Sep 1963

Name: Fasten Tourism LLC

a.k.a.: Fasten Tours LLC

a.k.a.: Fasten Tourism Dubai

Address: P.O. Box 19583, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

alt. Address: 171 Omar Ibn Al Khattab Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

National Identification No.: 223263 (United Arab Emirates)

Name: Vadim Mikhaylovich Lyalin

Address: Oceana Residences, Unit Aegean/8/803, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

alt. Address: 1102 Al Fattan Marine Tower, P.O. Box 1102, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

DOB: 30 Sep 1973

Passport: 4510935440 (Russia)

Name: Grigory Victorovich Lepsveridze

a.k.a.: Grigory Leps

a.k.a.: Grigoriy Leps

a.k.a.: “GRISHA”

Address: Phuket, Thailand

DOB: 16 Jul 1962

POB: Sochi, Russia

Name: Igor Leonidovich Shlykov

a.k.a.: “SHLYK”

DOB: 02 Nov 1967

Passport: 530134972 (Russia)

Name: M S Group Invest OOO

Address: 9 Prospekt Universitetski, Moscow 119296, Russia

National Identification No.: 5107746076994 (Russia)

alt. National Identification No.: 69686198 (Russia)

alt. National Identification No.: 7736626537 (Russia)

Name: Meridian Jet Management GmbH

f.k.a.: Sun Handels Und Beteiligungs GmbH

Address: Tegetthoffstrasse 7, Vienna 1010, Austria

National Identification No.: FN 204685 h (Austria)

Name: Gurgen House FZCO

a.k.a.: Gurgen House CO LTD

a.k.a.: Gurgen House LLC

a.k.a.: Gurgen House OOO

a.k.a.: Gurgen House TOO

a.k.a.: Gourgen House LTD

Address: 130 A, Ulitsa Klara Tsetkina, Shymkent 160000, Kazakhstan

alt. Address: Ulitsa Angarskaya, 22.1, Moscow 125635, Russia

alt. Address: Ulitsa General Dorokhova, A 6 A, Moscow 121357, Russia

alt. Address: Ulitsa Letnikovskaya, 13 A, Office 1, Moscow 115114, Russia

alt. Address: Al Quds Street, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

alt. Address: Office 210, Building 3E, Dubai Airport Free Zone, P.O. Box 293751, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

alt. Address: P.O. Box 777, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

alt. Address: Ulitsa Jami, 5, Tashkent 100057, Uzbekistan

National Identification No.: 40788618 (Kazakhstan)

alt. National Identification No.: 582100259386 (Kazakhstan)

Company No.: 86483143 (Russia)

Public Registration No.: 1087746669845 (Russia)

Tax Identification No.: 7743693291 (Russia)

Name: Sergey Yevgeniyevich Moskalenko

a.k.a.: Sergei Yevgeniyevich Moskalenko

Address: Haldenstrasse 26, Lucerne, Switzerland

DOB: 08 Nov 1951

alt. DOB: 08 Nov 1961

POB: Surkhandaria Region, Uzbekistan

Citizen: Uzbekistan

Passport: CA1702697 (Uzbekistan)

alt. Passport: CA1938292 (Uzbekistan)

Name: Yakov Rybalskiy

a.k.a.: Yaakov Rybalsky

a.k.a.: Yakov Ribalsky

a.k.a.: Yaakov Ribalsky

a.k.a.: Yaakov Ribalski

a.k.a.: Jacob Rabalsky

Address: Rashi 9/3, Sharon, Israel

DOB: 08 Aug 1954

alt. DOB: 08 Aug 1950

Citizen: Israel

Passport: 7959978 (Israel)

alt. Passport: 9001681 (Israel)

alt. Passport: R5408081 (Israel)