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Treasury Targets Networks Linked to Iran

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WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced actions targeting a diverse set of entities and individuals under various Iran-related authorities, targeting Iran’s missile and nuclear programs, sanctions evasion efforts, and support for terrorism.  The Department of State also announced additional actions under its authorities. 
These actions reflect the United States’ sustained commitment to enforce our sanctions as the P5+1 and Iran work toward a comprehensive solution to address the international community’s concerns over Iran’s nuclear program.  More specifically:
Treasury designated four individuals and two entities pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13382, which targets proliferators of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their supporters.  Treasury also identified two aliases used by a previously sanctioned key Iranian missile proliferator.
Treasury designated two entities and three individuals tied to Iran’s energy industry pursuant to E.O. 13645.  Treasury also identified six vessels pursuant to this authority.      
Treasury designated one entity pursuant to E.O. 13622 for its provision of material support to the Central Bank of Iran in connection with the purchase or acquisition of U.S. dollar bank notes by the Government of Iran.
Treasury identified five Iranian banks that are subject to sanctions under E.O. 13599, which blocks the property and interests in property of the Government of Iran and Iranian financial institutions. 
Treasury designated four entities and one individual pursuant to E.O. 13224 in connection with Iran’s support for terrorism.  Treasury also identified one alias used by an Iranian airline that was previously sanctioned under this E.O.
“Treasury’s action against over 25 entities and individuals – who are involved in expanding Iran’s proliferation program, supporting terrorism in the region, and helping Iran evade U.S. and international sanctions – reflects our continuing determination to take action against anyone, anywhere, who violates our sanctions,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen.  “During this JPOA extension period, as we fulfill our commitment to provide targeted sanctions relief, we remain committed to enforcing existing sanctions against Iran.”
As a result of today’s action, U.S. persons are now generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with the designated parties listed below and all property and interests in property under U.S. jurisdiction in which the designees below have an interest in are blocked.  In addition, foreign persons that are found to be facilitating deceptive transactions for any persons subject to Iran-related sanctions, such as those listed today, could themselves be exposed to sanctions under E.O. 13608.
WMD-Related Actions under E.O. 13382
Mohammad Javad Imanirad and Arman Imanirad
Mohammad Javad Imanirad and Arman Imanirad are being designated for acting for or on behalf of designated Iranian company, Aluminat.  Aluminat, which was designated in May 2013 under E.O. 13382, is an Iranian entity involved in the procurement of aluminum products for Iran’s nuclear program.  For several years, Aluminat has provided centrifuge components to Kalaye Electric Company and the Iran Centrifuge Technology Company (TESA), which were designated under E.O. 13382 in February 2007 and November 2011, respectively. 
Mohammad Javad Imanirad is the Managing Director and founder of Aluminat.  Arman Imanirad represents Aluminat in placing orders from foreign suppliers for aluminum.  He also facilitates financial transfers related to procurement, often in U.S. dollars, on behalf of Aluminat.
Nefertiti Shipping 
Nefertiti Shipping is being designated for its ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL), which was designated in September 2008 for providing logistical services to Iran’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL).  Nefertiti Shipping is IRISL’s agent in Egypt.  In this capacity, Nefertiti Shipping provides services to the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) and NITC-operated oil tankers transiting the Suez Canal that are known to carry crude oil to Syria.  Nefertiti Shipping assisted NITC in obtaining a favorable exchange rate for transfers either to Nefertiti Shipping’s UAE dirham-denominated account or its euro or U.S. dollar-denominated accounts.  NITC was identified as being part of the Government of Iran in July 2012.
Sazeh Morakab, Ali Gholami, Marzieh Bozorg, and New Aliases of Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group
Sazeh Morakab is being designated for providing services to Shahid Hemat Industrial Group (SHIG) and Iran's Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA).  Sazeh Morakab’s Managing Director, Ali Gholami, and Commercial Manager, Marzieh Bozorg, are also being designated today for acting for or on behalf of Sazeh Morakab.  As of late 2012, Sazeh Morakab held established contracts with HESA and procured composite materials on HESA's behalf.  Sazeh Morakab has also helped procure carbon fiber for SHIG.
SHIG was included in the Annex to E.O. 13382 and is tied to Iran's ballistic missile research, development and production activities.  HESA was designated in September 2008 pursuant to E.O. 13382, and conducts research on the production of, development of, and flight operations for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 
SHIG continues to use cover companies to obscure its procurement-related activities including its recent acquisition of metal alloys and controllers.  Treasury today is identifying Sahand Aluminum Parts Industrial Company (SAPICO) and Ardalan Machineries Company (ARMACO) as two aliases used by this key Iranian missile proliferator.
Energy-Related Designations under E.O. 13645 
Faylaca Petroleum, Abdelhak Kaddouri, Muzzafer Polat, and 
Seyedeh Hanieh Seyed Nasser Mohammad Seyyedi
Faylaca Petroleum makes payments on behalf of the Iranian government’s National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).  Faylaca Petroleum and other Sima General Trading-associated front companies, known to have worked with Iran to market crude oil and petroleum products, have also collaborated to obscure the origin of Iranian gas condensate.  Treasury identified NIOC, which was centrally involved in the sale of Iranian oil, as being part of the Government of Iran in 2008.  Sima General Trading is an Iranian government front company, which was identified as being part of the Government of Iran in 2013 and tied to the NIOC subsidiary, Naftiran Intertrade Company (NICO) Sarl.
Abdelhak Kaddouri is the financial chief of U.S.-sanctioned NICO Sarl and owner and manager of U.S.-sanctioned Swiss Management Services Sarl.  Kaddouri also manages Iranian front companies on behalf of NICO.  NICO is a subsidiary of NIOC and was identified by the Treasury Department as being part of the Government of Iran in 2008.  Swiss Management Services Sarl was identified by Treasury in September 2013 pursuant to E.O. 13599 for acting for or on behalf of the Government of Iran.
Muzzafer Polat is the founder, director general, and manager of Petro Royal FZE.  In 2013, the Treasury Department identified Petro Royal FZE as an entity controlled by Seyed Seyyedi, who was identified concurrently pursuant to E.O. 13599 for acting for or on behalf of various Government of Iran entities.  Polat, who is also associated with Faylaca Petroleum, participated in a scheme in which Faylaca Petroleum and other Sima General Trading-associated front companies, known to have worked with Iran to market crude oil and petroleum products, collaborated to obscure the origin of Iranian gas condensate. 
Seyedeh Hanieh Seyed Nasser Mohammad Seyyedi, the daughter of previously designated Seyed Seyyedi, is Faylaca Petroleum’s Managing Director and actively manages the company’s operations.  In early 2014, she was involved in start-up operations for Faylaca Petroleum after it was purchased by NICO.
Lissome Marine Services LLC
Lissome Marine Services LLC’s vessels provide support to NITC, Iran’s primary shipper of crude oil, by facilitating ship-to-ship transfers.  In addition, Treasury is identifying six vessels that belong to Lissome Marine Services LLC.   
Sanctions for Material Support to the Central Bank of Iran or the Purchase or Acquisition of U.S. Dollar Bank Notes by the Government of Iran under E.O. 13622
Asia Bank
Asia Bank (formerly Chemeximbank) is an Iranian-owned bank that has provided support to the Central Bank of Iran and designated Iranian banks.  In mid-2014, Asia Bank converted and facilitated the delivery from Moscow to Tehran of U.S. dollar bank notes valued at over $13 million to representatives of the Iranian government.  Asia Bank officials coordinated the deposit conversion, delivery, and payment of the U.S. dollar bank notes.  In 2013, Asia Bank pursued correspondent relationships on behalf of the Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI), which was designated in October 2008 pursuant to E.O. 13382.  Asia Bank has acted on behalf of another E.O. 13382-designated Iranian bank, Bank Tejarat, by assisting in setting up accounts on its behalf. 
Identification of Additional Iranian Banks under E.O. 13599
The following five Iranian banks are being identified as Iranian financial institutions, which therefore, are blocked pursuant to E.O. 13599.
Khavarmianeh Bank, Ghavamin Bank, Gharzolhasaneh Resalat Bank, Kish International Bank, and Kafolatbank
Kharvarmianeh Bank andGhavamin Bank are privately owned banks located in Iran.  Gharzolhasaneh Resalat Bank, located in Iran, is also an Iranian financial institution. Kish International Bank is 55 percent owned by the Government of Iran via Refah Bank.  Tajikistan-based Kafolatbank is owned by Sarmayeh Bank, which was identified as an Iranian financial institution by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in July 2012.
New and Updated Counter-Terrorism-Related Designations under E.O. 13224 
Meraj Air, Caspian Air, and Sayyed Jabar Hosseini

Meraj Air is a Government of Iran airline that has been used to ferry illicit cargo, including weapons, from Tehran to the Syrian regime since at least 2013.  Caspian Air is an Iran-based airline that provides support to IRGC elements by transporting personnel, and illicit material, including weapons, from Iran to Syria. 

Since at least 2006, senior Iranian official Sayyed Jabar Hosseini has been the Managing Director of Liner Transport Kish (LTK).  LTK, which the IRGC has employed to support terrorist activities outside of Iran, was designated in December 2010 as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist pursuant to E.O. 13224.  As LTK’s Managing Director, Hosseini has coordinated Iranian shipments across the Levant as well as to Sudan. 
Pioneer Logistics and Asian Aviation Logistics
Turkey-based Pioneer Logistics and Thailand-based Asian Aviation Logistics are two key Mahan Air front companies that have served as intermediaries for the sanctioned Iranian airline’s acquisition of aircraft material.  Mahan Air was designated in October 2011 pursuant to E.O. 13224 for providing financial, material and technological support to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF).
Pioneer Logistics acts for or on behalf of Mahan Air by receiving and purchasing aviation-related material for the designated airline.  In an effort to help Mahan Air evade sanctions, Pioneer Logistics has shipped aircraft parts to another U.S.-designated Mahan Air front company, UAE-based Avia Trust, for onward delivery to Mahan Air.  Mahan Air has also used Pioneer Logistics as a cutout for the repair and overhaul of aircraft parts and as a cutout to evade sanctions in order to purchase aircraft tires for its aircraft.
Asian Aviation Logistics also acts for or on behalf of Mahan Air and helps the airline evade sanctions by making payments on behalf of Mahan Air for the purchase of engines and other equipment.  Asian Aviation Logistics also employs at least one Mahan Air official.
Yas Air Alias: Pouya Air
Pouya Air is being identified today as an alias for designated Iranian airline Yas Air, which was designated in March 2012 pursuant to E.O. 13224 for acting for or on behalf of the IRGC-QF for transporting illicit cargo, including weapons, to Iran’s clients in the Levant.
In late 2012, Yas Air changed its name to Pouya Air, reflecting the third name change for this company since it began operations in 2000 as Qeshm Air.  The first name change was to Pars Air in 2006 and later to Yas Air in 2008.
Identifier Information
Name:                          Mohammad Javad Imanirad
Title:                            Managing Director, Aluminat
Passport:                      S7127156 (Iran)
Name:                          Arman Imanirad
DOB:                          7 June 1984
POB:                           Arak, Iran
Passport:                      WS188312 (Canada)
Name:                          Nefertiti Shipping Company 
AKA:                                      Nefertiti Shipping 
AKA:                                      Nefertiti Shipping and Maritime Services
Address:                      El Horeya Rd., El Attarein, Alexandria, Egypt
Address:                      Inside Damietta Port, New Damietta City, Egypt
Address:                      403, El Nahda St., Port Said, Port Said, Egypt
Name:                          Sayyed Jabar Hosseini 
DOB:                          3 October 1955
Name:                          Sazeh Morakab Co. Ltd
Location:                     Unit 1, Third Floor, No. 183, Rashid St.
                                    Tehran-Pars, Tehran, Iran
Name:                         Ali Gholami
Title:                            Managing Director, Sazeh Morakab
Passport:                     24471008 (Iran)
Name:                          Marzieh Bozorg
Title:                            Commercial Director, Sazeh Morakab
Passport:                      16650550 (Iran)
Name:                          Sahand Aluminum Parts Industrial Company (SAPICO)
Address:                      P.O. 16595-159, Tehran, Iran
Name:                          Ardalan Machineries Company (ARMACO)
Address:                      No.5, Elsami St. Golestane Sevvom St., Pasdaran St, Tehran, Iran
Name:                          Faylaca Petroleum
AKA:                          Faylaca Petroleum Suppliers Est.
Address:                     Office No. 209, Tower A, Al Majarah, P.O. Box 44636, Sharjah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
License:                      113988
Name:                          Abdelhak Kaddouri
DOB:                          30 Apr 1977
POB:                           Leuzigen, Bern, Switzerland
Nationality:                 Swiss
Citizenship:                 Switzerland
Name:                          Muzaffer Polat
AKA:                          Muzzafar Polat
DOB:                          20 July 1975
POB:                           Van, Turkey
Nationality:                 Turkish
Passport:                      U08215942 (Turkey)
Resident ID Number: 784197524398415 (UAE)
Resident ID Card Number: 062368408 (UAE)
Expired Passport Number: U05400998 (Turkey)
Residence Permit UID Number: 122808985 (UAE)
Name:                          Seyedeh Hanieh Seyed Nasser Mohammad Seyyedi
DOB:                                      20 August 1985
POB:                           Orumiyeh, Iran
Passport:                      K95579809 (Iran)
Nationality:                 Iranian
Passport:                      X13556955 (Iran)
Name:                          Lissome Marine Services LLC
Address:                      Unit 1202, Al Attar Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
IMO Number:             5689933
Name:                          KATERINA 1
Vessel Type:                Crude Oil Tanker
Flagging Jurisdiction:  Panama
IMO Number:             9031959
Name:                          GAS CAMELLIA
Vessel Type:                LPG Tanker
Flagging Jurisdiction:  St. Kitts and Nevis
IMO Number:             8803381
Name:                          MARIA
Vessel Type:                Chemical/Products Tanker
Flagging Jurisdiction:  St. Kitts and Nevis
IMO Number:             9110626
Name:                          SUN OCEAN
Vessel Type:                Chemical/Products Tanker
Flagging Jurisdiction:  Panama
IMO Number:             9408358
Name:                          TESS
Vessel Type:                Crude Oil Tanker
Flagging Jurisdiction:  St. Kitts and Nevis
IMO Number:             8913564
Name:                          NAMI
Vessel Type:                Chemical/Products Tanker
Flagging Jurisdiction:  Panama
IMO Number:             8419178
Name:                          Asia Bank
AKA:                          Commercial Bank ‘Chemeximbank’ LTD
AKA:                          Chemeximbank
Address:                      Offices 7-15, 67-69, 4 ul Ilinka
                                    Moscow 109012
                                    Russian Federation
Alt Address:               267-270 offices, 4, Ilinka Street,
                                    Moscow, Russia, 109012
SWIFT/BIC:               CHEB RU MM
BIK (RU):                  044585333
Alt. Website:    
Name:                          Khavarmianeh Bank
AKA:                          Middle East Bank
Address:                      No. 22, Second Floor Sabounchi St.
                                    Shahid Beheshti Ave.
                                    Tehran, Iran
Name:                          Ghavamin Bank
AKA:                          Ghavamin Financial & Credit Ins.
Address:                      No. 252 Milad Tower
                                    Beginning of Africa Blvd.
                                    Argentina Sq.
                                    Tehran, Iran
Name:                          Gharzolhasaneh Resalat Bank
Address:                      Biside the No. 1 Baghestan Alley
                                    Saadat Abad Ave., Kaj Sq.
                                    Tehran, Iran
Name:                          Kish International Bank
AKA:                          Kish International Bank Offshore Company PJS
Address:                      NBO-9
                                    Andisheh Blvd, Sanayi Street
                                    Kish Island, Iran
Name:                         Kafolatbank
AKA:                          CJSC Kafolatbank
Address:                      Apartment 4/1, Academics Rajabovs Street
                                    Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Name:                          Meraj Air
Location:                     Meraj Blvd, First of Mohammad Ali Ave., Azadi Sq., Tehran, Iran
Telephone:                   982161954
Fax:                             982166029653
Name:                          Caspian Airlines
Address 1:                   Mehrabad International Airport, Tehran, Iran
Address 2:                   No. 5, Sabounchi St., Beheshti Ave., Tehran, Iran
Telephone 1:                982188751783
Telephone 2:                982188751671
Fax 1:                          982188754387
Fax 2:                          982188751692
Email 1:             
Name:                          Pioneer Logistics 
AKA:                          Pioneer Logistics Havacilik
Location:                     EGS Bloklari B 1 Blok K 1 D114 Yesilkoy Bakirkoy Istanbul, Turkey
Name:                          Asian Aviation Logistics Company Limited
Location:                    805 Srinakarin Road, 2nd Floor Zone A 21 Tower, Suan Luang, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10540, Thailand