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President Bush's 2006 Budget to Request Boost for IRS Enforcement

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WASHINGTON, DC - President Bush's 2006 budget will request an additional $500 million for IRS enforcement activities. This represents a 7.8% increase in funding over FY 2005.

Americans who play by the rules and pay their taxes deserve confidence that others pay their fair share as well, stated Secretary of the Treasury John Snow. Increasing enforcement not only catches tax cheats, but discourages others from avoiding paying their taxes. The vast majority of Americans pay their taxes. The IRS is committed to striking a balance between catching those who would avoid paying and providing excellent service to all taxpayers.

Enforcement more than pays for itself, IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson said. Particularly in a period of deficit reduction, funding IRS enforcement is a wise investment.

Congress enacted $6.392 billion for IRS enforcement in FY 2005, the President's FY 2006 budget requests $6.893 billion. The increase will provide additional resources to examine more tax returns, collect past due taxes and investigate cases of tax avoidance.