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Treasury Imposes Sanctions on a Hawala and Two Individuals Linked to the Taliban

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced the designation of Rahat Ltd, a hawala, and two individuals pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13224. Rahat Ltd has branches in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran which have been used by the Taliban to facilitate their illicit financial activities. The Treasury Department is also designating the owner of Rahat Ltd, Mohammed Qasim, and the owner and manager of its Quetta, Pakistan branch, Musa Kalim.

Rahat Ltd has been used extensively by senior Taliban leadership to finance their violent activities. This includes facilitating millions of dollars of transactions to support the Taliban shadow governor for Helmand Province, United Nations Security Council 1988-Listed Naim Barich, who was also designated November 15, 2012 pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act for his extensive narcotics production and distribution activities.  

“Today’s action demonstrates our continued efforts to target and disrupt financial activity linked to the Taliban’s use of hawalas,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen. “We will continue exposing these illicit networks and deprive the Taliban of their sources of funding no matter where they turn.”

As a result of today’s action, all property in the United States or in the possession or control of U.S. persons in which Rahat Ltd, Mohammed Qasim, and Musa Kalim have an interest is blocked, and U.S. persons are prohibited from engaging in transactions with them.

Rahat Ltd

Rahat Ltd is a hawala that facilitates financial activities for the Taliban.  Taliban shadow governor for Helmand Province Barich provides funds through Rahat Ltd to subordinate Taliban commanders to plan and conduct operations in southern Afghanistan.  As of mid-2012, Barich had transferred money using the Quetta branch of Rahat Ltd.  As of early 2012, Barich had received millions of dollars through the Quetta branch of Rahat Ltd and had provided a senior Taliban commander with over $250,000 via Rahat Ltd.

Other senior Taliban figures regularly used Rahat Ltd to store and transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars.  As of early 2012, approximately $500,000 of Taliban funds had been placed in the Quetta branch of Rahat Ltd and, as of late 2011, a senior Taliban member arranged the transfer of over $100,000 through the same Rahat Ltd hawala.

Mohammed Qasim

Mohammed Qasim owns Rahat Ltd and, as of mid-2012, was a hawaladar for Taliban senior leadership.  As of mid-2011, Qasim used his hawalas in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran to facilitate Taliban financial transfers.  As of early 2011, Qasim was a financial assistant to Taliban shadow governor for Helmand Province Barich.  Additionally, in early 2012, Qasim helped to transport weapons and ammunition for the Taliban and, as of mid-2011, frequently smuggled weapons into Helmand Province for the Taliban.

Musa Kalim

Musa Kalim owns and runs the Quetta, Pakistan branch of Rahat Ltd, also known as the New Chagai Trading Company and the Musa Kalim Hawala.  

As of late 2012, Taliban shadow governor for Helmand Province Barich had used Kalim to move and hold his finances.  As of late 2011, the bulk of Kalim's hawala business consisted of transferring Taliban and smugglers' funds.  Kalim also managed the transfer of funds from donors in the Gulf to support Taliban fighters in 2011.

Identifying Information: 

Rahat Ltd
Name:  Rahat Ltd
AKA:  Rahat Ltd. Sarafi
AKA:  Rahat Trading Company
AKA:  Haji Muhammad Qasim Sarafi
AKA:  Haji Mohammed Qasim Hawala
AKA:  New Chagai Trading Company
AKA:  Musa Kalim Hawala

Branch Office 1 
Address:  Room 33, 5th Floor, Sarafi Market, Kandahar, Afghanistan

Branch Office 2
Address:  Shop 4, Azizi Bank, Haji Muhammad Isa Market, Wesh (variant Waish), Spin Boldak, Afghanistan

Branch Office 3 
Address:  Safaar Bazaar, Garmsir, Afghanistan

Branch Office 4 
Address:  Nimruz, Afghanistan

Branch Office 5 
Address:  Gereshk, Afghanistan

Branch Office 6 
Address:  Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan

Branch Office 7 
Address:  Musa Qal’ah District Center Bazaar, Musa Qal’ah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Branch Office 8 
Address:  Dr Barno Road, Quetta, Pakistan
Alt. address:  Haji Mohammed Plaza, Tol Aram Road, near Jamal Dean Afghani Road, Quetta, Pakistan
Alt. address:  Kandari Bazar, Quetta, Pakistan

Branch Office 9 
Address:  Chahgay Bazaar, Chahgay, Pakistan

Branch Office 10 
Address:  Chaman, Pakistan

Branch Office 11 
Address:  Zahedan, Iran

Mohammed Qasim
Name:  Mohammed Qasim
AKA:  Muhammad Qasim
DOB:  1976
Alt. DOB:  1965
POB:  Pakistan
National ID #:  54101-9435855-3 (Pakistan)
National ID #:  57388 (Afghanistan)
Passport information:  AP4858551 (Pakistan)
Issued 24 May 2008
Expires 23 May 2013
Citizenship:  Pakistan
Address:  Waish, Spin Boldak, Afghanistan
Alt. address:  Safaar Bazaar, Garmsir, Afghanistan
Alt. address:  Room 33, 5th Floor Sarafi Market, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Alt. address:  Karez Qaran, Musa Qal'ah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan
Alt. address:  Bypass Road, Chaman, Qalaye Abdullah District, Pakistan
Alt. address:  Qalaye Haji Ali Akbar Dalbandin Post Office, Chaghey District, Pakistan

Musa Kalim
Name:  Musa Kalim
AKA:  Musa Khalim
AKA:  Musa Kalim Barich
AKA:  Mohammed Musa Kalim
AKA:  Musa Khalim Alizai
AKA:  Musa Qalem
AKA:  Musa Qalim
AKA:  Musa Khaleem
AKA:  Musa Kaleem
POB:  Pakistan
National ID number:  54101-6356624-9 (Pakistan)
Passport information:  AD4756241 (Pakistan)
Issued 2 November 2008
Expires 1 November 2013
Citizenship:  Pakistan
Address:  Chahgay Bazaar, Chahgay, Pakistan
Alt. address:  Haji Mohammed Plaza, Tol Aram Road, Nearest Jamal Dean Afghani Road, Quetta, Pakistan
Alt. address:  Dr Barno Road, Quetta, Pakistan