2021 State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) Application Material

Documents and resources for the 2021 SSBCI program.

*Please note that PDF versions of “Application Instructions” below are not the applications and should not be filled out or sent to Treasury. They can be used for planning purposes. The capital program application portal was launched on 11/22/2021, the technical assistance grant program application portal was launched on 8/1/2022, and the launch of the SSBCI Investing in American Small Business Opportunity Program (SBOP) application portal is coming soon. 

Submission of an SBOP application will be through an application portal, once opened. Publication of this draft template does not start the clock on the SBOP application deadline or open the application submission window; applications will be collected only following Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) approval. The application deadline will be 60 calendar days from the date the application portal opens. Treasury will make a separate announcement when the application portal opens and will publish the date of the application deadline at that time.