Strategic Plan FY 2003-2008

Treasury Strategic Plan The Treasury Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2003-2008 is a corporate level plan for the Department. The individual Bureau Strategic Plans provide the operational framework for achieving the goals and objectives contained in the corporate plan. Collectively, the corporate plan and the more detailed bureau strategic plans provide a description of what the Department intends to accomplish over the next five years and how we intend to accomplish it. Individual bureau plans are accessible by clicking on the hyperlinks found in the Appendices on page B1.

Bureau Name Strategic Plan
Alcohol Tobacco and Tax Trade .pdf
Bureau of Engraving and Printing .pdf
Bureau of Public Debt .html
Departmental Offices .pdf
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network .pdf
Financial Management Service .html
Internal Revenue Service .pdf
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency .pdf
Office of Inspector General .pdf
Office of Thrift Supervision .pdf
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration .pdf
U.S. Mint .pdf