Date: April 21, 2000

REAFFIRM: April 8, 2019

SUBJECT:    Delegation -- Institute of American Indian Art

  1. DELEGATION.  By virtue of the authority vested in the Secretary of the Treasury, I hereby delegate the following authority for the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development.
    1. The Assistant Secretary for Management has the authority to:
      1. (1)        prescribe procedures for the valuation of contributions to the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development;
      2. (2)        establish recordkeeping procedures for the
        1. (a)        investment of funds received under the trust fund established in 20 USC 4425(b); and,
        2. (b)        expenditure of accumulated interest for trust fund under 20 USC 4425(a); and
      3. (3)        monitor the program, and periodically evaluate the financial
        recordkeeping procedures in accordance with 20 USC 4425(c).
    2.  The Inspector General shall audit the program, as necessary, and participate in the periodic evaluation of the financial recordkeeping procedures.
  2. REDELEGATION.  This authority may be redelegated in writing
    1. 20 USC 4425.
    2. 20 USC 4451, Authorization of Appropriations.
  4. CANCELLATION.  Treasury Order 102-11, Delegation -- Institute of American Indian Arts, dated March 17, 1992, is superseded.
  5. OFFICE OF PRIMARY INTEREST.  Office of Financial Reporting and Policy, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Secretary for Management


Lawrence H. Summers
Secretary of the Treasury