Bureau Directory

​Bureau ​Name ​Employment Type ​Appointment Type ​Rating Official ​Reviewing Official ​Key Bureau CIO  
​Department of the Treasury ​Eric Olson ​SES ​Career David Eisner, Assistant Secretary for Management ​Yes

Alcohol, Tobacco and Tax Bureau

​Robert Hughes ​SES ​Career ​Daniel Riordan, Acting Deputy Administrator ​Mary Ryan, Deputy Administrator Yes​​
Bureau of Engraving and Printing Harinder (Harry) Singh ​GS ​Career ​Len Olijar, Director ​Yes
​Bureau of the Fiscal Services Doug Anderson ​SES ​Career ​Stephen Manning, Deputy Commissioner, Finance and Administration ​​Timothy Gribben, Commissioner ​Yes
​Community Development Financial Institutions ​Paul Markovitz ​GS ​Career ​CIO ​Yes
​Departmental Offices ​Eric Olson ​​SES ​​Career David Eisner, Assistant Secretary for Management   ​Yes
​Departmental Offices / Office of Financial Research (OFR) ​Mario Nardoni OR-80 (SES equivalent) ​Career Deputy Director Chief Technology Officer ​Yes
Financial Crime Enforcement Network ​Amy Taylor ​SES ​Career ​Jamal El Hindi, Deputy Director ​Yes
Internal Revenue Service ​ ​Nancy Seiger ​Other ​Career Jeffrey Tribiano, Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support ​Charles P. Rettig, Commissioner ​Yes
​Office of the Inspector General (Treasury) ​Tricia Hollis ​SES Career​ Tricia Hollis, Assistant Inspector General for Management ​No
​Inspector General for Tax Administration ​Roy Draper ​GS-2210-15 ​Career J. Russell George, Inspector General ​No
​Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Graham Barrowman ​Pay Band - SES Equivalent ​Career ​Kathy Murphy, Senior Deputy Comptroller for Management and Chief Financial Officer   No
​Special Inspector General for TARP ​Jones Charles SES ​Career Vincent Micone, Deputy Chief Inspector General, Deputy Chief Inspector General ​No
​United States Mint Josehp Jankaukas SES ​Career Patrick Hernandez, Chief Administrative Officer ​Yes


CIO Governance Board Membership List

​Bureau ​Governance Board ​Program ​Description of CIO Involvement
Departmental Offices​ ​Treasury CIO Council ​Decision Maker
​Treasury Technology Investment Review Board (T2IRB) ​Chairmen
​Departmental Offices (DO) IT Investment Review Board (IRB) ​Chairmen