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  1. Country Codes look-up file: by country, or by region and code number.
  2. Downloading TIC Data into Spreadsheets
  3. Series breaks, Changes in table formats:
    (1) Banking Data-Series Break and Other Changes: as of February 2003.
    (2) TIC File Changes on the website on November 16, 2006.
  4. Articles on TIC data
  5. Related EXTERNAL websites for data users
    (1) The BEA reports quarterly the official U.S. Balance of Payments Accounts and the U.S. International Investment Position.
    (2) The Federal Reserve reports quarterly the Financial Accounts of the United States (formerly Flow of Funds Accounts).
    (3) The "Capital Movements" tables in the Treasury Bulletin present quarterly TIC data before the March 2014 issue.
  6. TIC webpages use 6 types of files.
    (1) Most webpages contain txt, txt(tab-delimited), CSV, html and PDF files for readers and spreadsheet users. Spreadsheet programs open CSV and html files very easily. Both database and spreadsheet programs open txt(tab-delimited) files easily. No excel or other spreadsheet files are used to avoid spreading computer viruses and other malware.
    (2) The securities(c) webpage for the annual securities reports contains some MHT files that can be downloaded and then opened with a spreadsheet program. The resulting spreadsheet has many pages; whereas CSV and txt(tab-delimited) files can contain only one.
  7. TIC Glossary, March 2018 version. The older glossaries for all Treasury International Capital (“TIC”) reports are consolidated into this separate Glossary document, providing more consistency across the TIC system.