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Treasury Targets Al Qaida Facilitators in South Africa

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The U.S. Department of the Treasury today moved to designate two South African individuals, Farhad Ahmed Dockrat and Junaid Ismail Dockrat, and a related entity for financing and facilitating al Qaida, pursuant to Executive Order 13224.  This action freezes any assets the designees have under U.S. jurisdiction and prohibits transactions between U.S. persons and the designees.

Today's action targets two family members that have supported al Qaida – one by providing funds to Al Akhtar Trust, a globally-recognized al Qaida fundraiser, and another by facilitating travel for individuals to train in al Qaida camps, said Adam Szubin, Director of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  This designation freezes the Dockrats out of the U.S. financial system and notifies the international community of the dangerous conduct in which the Dockrats are engaged.

Identifying Information

Farhad Ahmed Dockrat
Farhaad Ahmed Dockrat
Farhad Ahmad Dockrat
Farhad Dockrat
Ahmed Dockrat
Farhaad Dockrat
Farhad Docrate
F. Dockrat
Maulana Farhad Dockrat

Pretoria, South Africa

28 February 1959

South African

386 Swanepoel Street, Erasmia, Pretoria, South Africa.

Identification No.:  
5902285162089/055 (South African)

446333407 (South African, exp. 26 May 2014)

Farhad Dockrat both finances and facilitates al Qaida.  In one example, Dockrat in 2001 provided over 400,000 South African Rand (approximately $62,900 US) to the Taliban ambassador to Pakistan to be forwarded to al Akhtar Trust, an Afghanistan-based fundraiser for al Qaida.  Al Akhtar Trust was previously designated by the United States under E.O. 13224 for its support to al Qaida.  Al Akhtar Trust is also on the United Nations 1267 Committee's list of sanctioned individuals and entities designated for providing support to al Qaida, Usama bin Ladin and the Taliban. 

Junaid Ismail Dockrat
Junaid Docrate
Junaid Dockrat
J.I. Dockrat
Dr. Ahmed

16 March 1971

Address 1:   
Johannesburg, South Africa

Address 2:   
71 Fifth Avenue, Mayfair, South Africa 2108

Address 3:   
P.O. Box 42928, Fordsburg, South Africa, 2033.

Identification No.:  
7103165178083 (South African)

Junaid Dockrat is an al Qaida financier, recruiter and facilitator.  Junaid Dockrat in 2004 worked via phone and email with Al Qaida operations chief Hamza Rabi'a (now deceased) to coordinate the travel of South Africans to Pakistan in order for them to train with al Qaida.  He is also responsible for raising US $120,000 that Rabi'a received in the spring of 2004.

Sniper Africa
Sniper Outdoor CC
Sniper Outdoors CC
True Motives 1236 CC

Address 1:   
40 Mint Road, Amoka Gardens, Fordsburg,
Johannesburg, South Africa

Address 2:   
P.O. Box 42928, Fordsburg, South Africa 2003

Address 3:   
16 Gold Street, Carletonville, South Africa 2500

Address 4:   
P.O. Box 28215, Kensington 2101 South Africa


Tax Number:   
9113562152 (South African)

200302847123 (South African)

Sniper Africa is seventy percent (70%) owned by Junaid Ismail Dockrat.