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Treasury Targets Destabilizing Belarusian Officials

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Washington, DCThe U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated six Belarusian Government officials who have played important roles in the oppressive regime of Alexander Lukashenka.   Several of these designees were active in the crackdown on civil society and democratic opposition to the March 2006 Presidential elections in Belarus, which violated international electoral standards.  

Those who commit human rights abuses and political repression have no place in civil society, said Adam J. Szubin, Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).   We will continue to target Belarusian officials who abuse their positions to steal from their people and to suppress democracy and freedom.

This action was taken pursuant to Executive Order 13405, which targets individuals and entities either undermining the democratic processes or institutions or are responsible for human rights violations related to political repression in Belarus.   The designation freezes any assets the individuals may have that are in the possession of U.S. persons and prohibits U.S. persons from transacting or doing business with them.  

The actions and policies of these individuals undermine Belarus' democratic processes and institutions, manifested most recently in the fundamentally undemocratic March 2006 elections.

  • Petr Petrovich Miklashevich, Prosecutor General
  • Yuri Nikolaevich Podobed, Lieutenant Colonel of the Special Riot Police in Minsk
  • Aleksandr Mikhailovich Radkov, Minister of Education
  • Vladimir Vasilyevich Rusakevich, Minister of Information
  • Yury Sivakov, former Minister of the Interior; former Minister of Sport and Tourism
  • Oleg Leonidovich Slizhevsky, Head of the Public Associations Department


The Europen Union has also taken measures against these individuals, imposing a travel ban and assets freeze against them for play[ing] a role in the violations of international electoral standards and the crackdown on civil society and democratic opposition in the context of the 19 March 2006 Presidential elections.  

With today's action, Treasury has now taken action against sixteen senior Belarusian officials pursuant to E.O. 13405.