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Statement From Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew

(Archived Content)

WASHINGTON - “We welcome the bipartisan action in Congress on two critical issues: funding the government for two years and raising the debt limit so that we can continue to meet our obligations. For over 226 years, the United States has been a nation that pays its debts. We are the anchor of the international financial system and the world’s reserve currency; and, as a result of these efforts, we will continue to honor all of our commitments and preserve the full faith and credit of the United States.
“The budget agreement provides the resources needed to make critical investments in infrastructure, schools, public health and other important priorities for our country and keeps our country safe. These core public-sector investments are necessary to create a strong environment for business investment and growth, and certainty around these investments is needed to give companies the confidence to take the necessary steps to remain on the cutting edge.
“But there is much we still need to do to make those investments a reality. I urge Congress to continue this spirit of bipartisanship and move beyond manufactured crises and focus on what we can do together to create more opportunities for middle class families and to continue to move our economy forward.”