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Statement of Secretary Lew

(Archived Content)


“We welcome the bipartisan action Congress is taking to resolve this crisis, re-open the government, and lift the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the economy. Over 224 years, the United States has established our credit as the strongest in the world. The United States is the anchor of the international financial system and the world’s reserve currency.  We are the world’s largest economy with the deepest and most liquid financial markets. When risk rises, the flight to safety and to quality brings investors to U.S. markets. Because of today’s efforts, we will continue to honor all of our commitments – a core American value – and preserve the full faith and credit of the United States.


“At the same time, we remain committed to reaching agreement on a balanced fiscal package that will create jobs, grow our economy, and put us on a path toward long-term fiscal sustainability. Without question, it will require difficult choices. We stand ready to find that common ground with both Republicans and Democrats so we can sustain the recovery the American people have so painstakingly fought for and ensure we remain the most powerful economy in the world for generations to come.”