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HAF Allocation Adjustment Overview

  1. What is the allocation adjustment?
    Tribes, or their Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs), and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (collectively referred to as “Tribes”) were allocated funds under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) towards the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF). The funding allocated to Tribes not participating in HAF will be disbursed to participating Tribal entities in an additional allocation.
  2. Is my entity eligible for an allocation adjustment?
    All Tribes currently participating in the HAF program are eligible for additional funding through the allocation adjustment process. Funds will be disbursed to eligible Tribes provided they are in compliance with all the terms and conditions under the Financial Assistance Agreement, including all Treasury reporting requirements. If you have questions, please email HAF_Tribal@treasury.gov.
  3. How much additional funding will my Tribe receive from the allocation adjustment?
    The allocation adjustment pool will be comprised of funds from Tribes that have indicated they are not interested in participating in HAF and have returned funds by February 28, 2023. Additional allocations from this pool will be proportional to each participating Tribe’s initial share of the total of all participating Tribes’ initial allocations.
  4. How does my Tribe or TDHE request a disbursement of additional funds from the allocation adjustment?
    Each Tribe or TDHE will receive an email in March 2023 with information about the amount of additional funds available to it, when the funds will be made available, and how to request disbursement. Only requests through Treasury’s Portal will be accepted. HAF participants should ensure they remain in compliance with all terms and conditions of the HAF program’s Financial Assistance Agreement, including all Treasury reporting requirements.
    1. My Tribe has an approved HAF Plan.
      Tribes with approved HAF Plans can request the additional funds from the allocation adjustment in March by submitting a budget revision request in the Treasury Portal, which is accessible through ID.me or Login.gov.
    2. My Tribe has submitted a HAF Plan which has not yet been approved.
      • Tribes that have submitted a HAF Plan that has not yet been approved will be permitted to update their HAF Plan budget to reflect the additional amount from the allocation adjustment. Upon approval of the HAF Plan, Treasury will disburse the funds (the remaining 90% of the initial allocation amount and the additional funds requested).
      • If a Tribe wishes to wait until after its HAF Plan is approved, it can submit a budget revision request to access the additional funds from the allocation adjustment. 
      • The allocation adjustment amount will be included in the disbursement of the remainder of each Tribe’s HAF award funds after approval of its HAF Plan.
    3. My Tribe hasn’t submitted a HAF Plan
      If your Tribe has received only the first 10% of its initial funding for the HAF program and has not submitted a HAF Plan, your Tribe can include the additional funds from the allocation adjustment in the budget section of your HAF Plan. Please submit a HAF Plan with a budget that includes amounts received through the allocation adjustment in additional to your Tribe’s original allocation amount.
  5. How do I indicate that my Tribe or TDHE no longer wants to participate in the HAF program?
    Participants that wish to return their funds and no longer wants to participate in the HAF program should notify Treasury via email HAF_Tribal@treasury.gov as soon as possible. Treasury strongly encourages the return of funds by February 28, 2023, so that these funds may be included in the allocation adjustment for redistribution to other Tribes.
  6. My Tribe or TDHE is not interested in additional funds but wishes to continue to participate in HAF. Are there any required actions at this time?
    No, if your Tribe does not wish to receive extra funds but wishes to remain in the HAF Program, there are no required actions at this time. Treasury encourages Tribes to submit HAF Plans as soon as possible.
  7. We have questions about the allocation adjustment. What should we do? 
    Please join Treasury’s Tribal Office Hours for HAF on Wednesdays at 3 pm ET. A registration link is distributed weekly in the Tribal Affairs Newsletter or email HAF_Tribal@treasury.gov for more information.