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Office of Recovery Programs Learning Agenda

Treasury’s Office of Capital Access (formerly known as the Office of Recovery Programs) has released an Economic Recovery Learning Agenda which identifies the important research areas that can help Treasury 1) learn about how recovery programs can be implemented effectively and equitably; 2) identify and highlight the outcomes of recovery programs; and 3) share lessons about how to implement recovery programs during future economic crises. This learning agenda, which was issued under the name of the Office of Recovery Programs, is based on extensive stakeholder feedback that Treasury received in response to a draft version of the learning agenda that was released in spring 2023. The learning agenda is designed to identify the important evaluation questions to understand the impact of economic recovery programs and can be used to guide specific research by Treasury, other federal partners, external researchers, or recipient governments. Researchers and evaluators interested in collaborating with Treasury on research should contact Treasury's Evaluation Officer team at

Office of Recovery Programs Self-Service Resources

The Office of Recovery Programs is providing self-resources to assist recipients of awards from its programs with questions about reporting, technical issues, eligible uses of funds, or other items. View a complete list of available self-service resources.

American Rescue Plan: Two Years Report

In total, the Treasury Department is responsible for managing over $1 trillion in American Rescue Plan programs and tax credits. Read about the impact of the first two years of the American Rescue Plan programs in the impact report.