FSOC Junior Fellowship

The FSOC Junior Fellowship is a selective, fixed two-year program for new college graduates to work at the Office of the Financial Stability Oversight Council to monitor and maintain United States financial stability. Junior Fellows have exposure to multiple policy issues and opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. They typically perform a variety of tasks that include analyzing domestic economic and financial developments and financial stability risks, examining financial market data, and developing policy recommendations. Junior Fellows also support meetings of the Council and its various committees, which will include engagement with senior officials at Treasury and the various FSOC member agencies.

Junior Fellows are usually hired at the GS-9 level and receive standard Treasury benefits.


Strong candidates will have recently received – or will soon receive – a bachelor’s degree with relevant coursework in economics, public policy, finance, international relations, or related fields. FSOC is committed to attracting and developing a diverse and inclusive workforce. We recognize that different perspectives and experiences among our employees are workforce strengths and contribute to better policymaking.

How to Apply:

FSOC is actively recruiting its 2024 class of fellows. Applications and questions may be sent to fsocrecruitment@treasury.gov. Applications are due October 30, 2023.

Applications include a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and transcript(s) attesting to academic qualifications and career potential. You may optionally submit up to two recommendation letters in the same email to add additional insight on your application. In the email, candidates must also

  • indicate a desired start date;
  • confirm they hold U.S. citizenship (must be able to provide documentation);
  • note veterans’ preference, if applicable; and
  • include a resume that demonstrates 52 weeks (2,080 hours) of paid or unpaid work, volunteer, or extracurricular experience relevant to the duties described above.

Please submit your resume following the guidelines for a federal resume. Note that there is no need to limit the resume to one page. Please expand on duties performed for each professional or extracurricular job or activity listed (volunteer work, work study, etc.) to demonstrate requisite experience. Please also include the time period when the job or activity took place with the average number of hours per week (e.g., June 2023 to August 2023, avg. 30 hours per week).

Candidates passing a first round of screening will be asked to respond to two short essay questions. Applications will be evaluated in December 2023 for Fellows to start in summer 2024 (or at a mutually agreed alternative time).

Please contact fsocrecruitment@treasury.gov with questions or requests for assistance.