TEOAF Policy Directives

1. Restrictions on Purchase of Forfeited Property

2. Seizures of Financial Instruments 

3. Occupied Real Property Subject to Civil or Criminal Forfeiture, and Post-Forfeiture Occupancy

4. Seized Cash Management

5. Sixty-Day Notice Period in All Administrative Forfeiture Cases; Sample Notice Letter and Claim Form; Reporting Requirements for Extensions of Time to Send Notice (Under Review for Revision)

6. Transfer of Forfeited Property or Retention for Official Use

7. Seizure and Forfeiture of Real Property That is Potentially Contaminated, or is Contaminated, with Hazardous Substances

8. Use of Property Under Seizure

9. Weed and Seed Initiative, Transfers of Real Property (Under Review for Revision)

10. Management of Seized and Forfeited Bitcoin (Under Review for Revision)

11. Processing Cost Bonds

12. Payment of Taxes, Liens and Mortgages on Forfeited Real Property

15. Seizure of Livestock and Registered Animals

16. Acknowledgements and Advice on Equitable Sharing Requests

18. Policy for Reimbursements to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Involved in Joint Operations with Federal Agencies Participating in the Treasury Forfeiture Fund (Under Review for Revision)

20. Net Equity Requirements for Seized Property

25. Departmental Policy Regarding the Seizure and Forfeiture of Real Property that is included in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places

27. Processing Interlocutory Sales

29. Seizure and Disposition of Assets Subject to Title Restrictions

30. Interim Policy re: Lead-Based Paint in Residential Property Built Prior to 1978

32. Use of Special Warranty Deed and Indemnification Agreement for the Sale of Real Property

33. Seizure of Motor Vehicles, Payment of Liens and Official Use Requirements(Under Review for Revision)

34. Policy Regarding the Federal Adoption of Seizures by State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies (Under Review for Revision)

36. Payment of Attorney’s Fees

37. Payment of Interest on Cash Deposits to the TFF or Suspense Account

38. Disposition Procedures for Non-Forfeited Personal Property

39. Tax Refund Fraud Cases


*Directive numbers not listed may mean that the directive has been cancelled or merged within another directive.