HRConnect Core Applications


The HRConnect system is an enterprise web-based HR system, built on PeopleSoft commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software, and is the foundation of the Treasury SSC’s comprehensive suite of solutions.  HRConnect transforms core back-office HR functions, moving them from processing-centric paper or legacy systems, to a strategic-centric capability enabled through its commercial software underpinning.

Additionally, self-service components of the software fundamentally transform the standard government HR service delivery model, putting additional information, services and processes (i.e., personal data, position management, requests for personnel action, recruitment, reporting, etc.) directly in the hands of managers and employees, and HR Professionals.  HRConnect features/functionality includes:

Personnel Action Requests (PARs)

PARs are initiated online by Managers, their Proxies, Detail Managers, and HR staff.  HR can process a full suite of OPM approved transactions (over 132 PAR actions) in HRConnect.  Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Mass Actions

The Mass Update Module allows HR staff to easily process many similar requests with one transaction (realignments, reassignments, etc.).  Managers also have the ability initiate mass award actions for employees within their organization. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Payroll Documents

HR can initiate 27 different payroll documents (e.g., Federal, state and local taxes, allotments, health insurance, direct deposits, and health benefits, including several non-Federal documents) directly in HRConnect and have them transmitted to the National Finance Center (NFC), Treasury’s payroll partner. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost


Payroll Interface

HRConnect features a robust daily bi-directional interface transmitting personnel, position, and payroll information to NFC.  The reverse interface provides all applied actions and NFC generated automatic actions (within grade increases, etc.) back to HRConnect. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost


Position Management

HRConnect provides the ability to manage workforce through position creation, allocation, budgeting, obligation, and incumbency tracking.
Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Manager Self Service

Manager Self Service provides instant access for managers to view and manage their organization.  Managers can view real-time HR data online; initiate individual and mass actions; manage positions; approve and track personnel actions; and access and print a variety of workforce related reports.  Managers can also assign individuals (proxies) to initiate/approve actions on their behalf. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Employee Self Service

Employees may initiate actions and updates to personal information, including address, phone number, and emergency contact information; as well as the ability to initiate a retirement or resignation action. In addition, employees can view personal information, benefits, leave balances, salary, performance and award history data. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Workflow and Worklists

Managers and HR are able to authorize or approve actions online using workflow and worklists.  Actions are moved automatically through a configurable workflow that includes management and HR approvals.  A sophisticated set of routing rules can be invoked to assign actions by type to HR worklists (e.g., Suspension actions assigned to Employee Relations). Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost


Employees and HR have online access to view and print an SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action.   This feature includes email notification to employees when new SF50’s are available. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost.

Emergency Contacts

HRConnect allows users to input an extensive list of emergency contacts.  Information includes the contact name, address, phone number(s), and relationship to the employee.  This information can be accessed and updated at any time. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost.

Separating Employee Clearance

The Separating Employee Clearance (SEC) module within HRConnect provides online management of the clearance process for separating employees.  The SEC module provides status tracking of items to return or actions to take upon employee termination (e.g., securing issued equipment, credentials, terminating system access, etc.). Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost.

Financial Disclosure Tracking and Reporting

HRConnect provides for the tracking of employees required to submit Forms 278 and 450 financial disclosure forms.  The system automatically sends reminder emails to employees prior to the submission due date. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost.

FAIR Act Reporting

HRConnect allows agency to create and submit OMB compliant Federal Activity Inventory Reform Act reports. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Employee and Labor Relations, and Third Party Case Tracking

HRConnect provides for the tracking of disciplinary cases, grievance cases, and third party (arbitration, etc) cases.  Also allows for tracking negotiation processes between bargaining units and management. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Continuity Operations (COOP) Tracking

HRConnect provides managers ability to enter and maintain COOP group assignments for their employees; including the skill sets required for the organization’s continuation of operations. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost


HRConnect provides the ability for Employees, Managers/Proxies, and HR to attach documentation to actions.  Attachment functionality allows approving authorities, reviewers, and processors to easily access and review supporting documentation in order to take immediate action, as necessary.  Attachments are available in the following areas: personnel actions initiated by HR or Managers; employee updates (e.g., name change);  recruit requests; Employee/Labor Relations cases; Health Benefit forms; dependent information; and Separation and Home Leave. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Contingent Workers and Other Persons of Interest

Using the PeopleSoft Person Model, HRConnect supports the management of contractors, contingent workers, and other persons of interest. Separately Priced

PIV Data Synchronization (PDS)

The PDS solution consolidates identity-related data from authoritative sources to make the data available to agencies as an enterprise resource.  The PDS solution integrates Treasury’s authoritative human resources service, HRConnect, with its enterprise PIV card management service, USAccess for PIV card issuance to employees and contractors.  The PDS solution can also integrate with agency systems to provide an agency with authoritative identity data and to receive identity data (e.g., email address) from an agency.  As a result, the PDS solution streamlines identity lifecycle management while establishing identity data as an enterprise resource. Separately Priced.


Entrance on Duty System (EODS)

EODS is a public facing web-based application that provides newly hired federal employees the opportunity to begin the onboarding process prior to their official start date.  EODS replaces an extensive, repetitive manual paper process with a more efficient automated process which focuses on pre-employment benefits forms completion, data collection, and delivery of new hire information.  Elimination of the manual reentry of sensitive information improves data quality, and gives new employees and HR Professionals a head start in the onboarding processes.  The EODS integration with the HRConnect system, further streamlines new hire processing; eliminating the tedious manual entry of new hire data. Separately Priced