Budget Request/Annual Performance Plan and Reports

The Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act (GPRAMA) of 2010 requires Treasury and other federal agencies to formally monitor and review organizational performance through strategic reviews, the annual performance plan, and the annual performance report.   

About Key Budget and Performance Documents

Treasury publishes its annual performance plan and report as a part of its congressional budget justification, which includes the high-level results from its internal strategic reviews.  Treasury’s key budget and performance reports provide Congress, the President, and the American people detailed information about Treasury's stewardship over its financial resources and progress in reaching its goals.
Key budget and performance documents are:
  • The Congressional Justification of Appropriations (CJ) reflects the President’s Budget request for the Department of the Treasury and is prepared in accordance with OMB Circular A-11.  The CJ includes agency priorities, requested budget levels, and performance plans and reports (in accordance with GPRAMA). 
  • The Budget-in-Brief (BIB) summarizes the CJ. 
  • The Fact Sheet highlights the key themes and policies in the President’s Budget submission. 
  • The Treasury Performance Validation and Verification Appendix provides a detailed listing of all performance measures and indicators included in Treasury’s Annual Performance Report (APR) with their respective definitions, data sources, data collection methodologies, assessments of reliability, and reporting frequency. 
  • The Federal Program Inventory describes each of Treasury’s 94 programs in all of the bureaus and how the program supports the Department’s broader Strategic Goals. 
  • The Summary of Capital Investments provides detailed information on Treasury’s IT and non-IT capital investments.
  • The Treasury International Programs provide leadership in international development, advance national security, and expand export markets for American businesses by promoting international financial stability and supporting key global initiatives. 

Key Budget and Performance Documents


For information about the President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2019, please visit the Office of Management and Budget's webpage.