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Treasury Releases Report Highlighting Regulatory Reform Accomplishments

Washington – The U.S. Treasury Department today released a report detailing its accomplishments in support of the President’s regulatory reform agenda.

“Regulatory reform is a key component of the President’s plan to make American businesses more competitive and create opportunities for hardworking Americans,” said U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.  “I’m proud of the diligent work we have done at Treasury to ensure that we have an effective and efficient regulatory system. We will continue to ensure that we identify and reduce outdated regulations. Reducing unnecessary burdens will lead to increased economic growth, greater job creation, and a fundamentally stronger economy for our country.”

The Department’s regulatory reform accomplishments include:

  • Eliminating, reducing, or proposing to eliminate more than 300 regulations in total, including ineffective, unnecessary, or out-of-date “deadwood” regulations;
  • Reducing Treasury’s regulatory agenda by approximately 100 items, year-over-year, from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017;
  • More than 250 specific Treasury recommendations to reform and reduce the burdens of regulation in the U.S. domestic financial system;
  • Introducing zero new significant regulatory actions under Executive Order 13771.


View Regulatory Reform Accomplishments.