Governance Documents

The Council’s Bylaws

The Council’s bylaws, or Rules of Organization of the Financial Stability Oversight Council, set forth the manner and procedures by which that body will be governed.  They provide for a collaborative governance structure that promotes accountability for the work of the Council.  On April 24, 2018, the Council approved an amendment and restatement of the bylaws.


The Council’s Transparency Policy
The member agencies of the Council share a collective desire to bring efficiency and transparency to the financial reform implementation process.  The revised transparency policy that the Council approved on May 7, 2014, reinforces the Council’s commitment to engage stakeholders in an open process based on consistent principles of transparency and accountability. The Council adopted a transparency policy that will include open meetings as appropriate, with provisions to close meetings in situations where the discussion includes market sensitive or confidential supervisory information.


Council's Deputies Bylaws

On May 7, 2014, the Council approved bylaws for the Deputies Committee. The bylaws further clarify the purpose, duties, and composition of the Council’s Deputies Committee, and improve accountability and provide additional transparency.


The Council's Committee Charters

The FSOC operates under a committee structure to promote shared responsibility among the member agencies and to leverage the expertise that already exists at each agency.  The FSOC forms committees around its various statutory responsibilities and core issues that relate closely to financial system risks where more than one agency has a significant interest.