HRConnect Non-Core Services

Workforce Analytics (WA)

WA delivers sophisticated reporting on data managed by EBS systems plus the NFC Payroll system. It is designed to assist customers in achieving human capital management strategic goals while also reducing costs.  Features Include:

  • Data-driven reports that build insight, agility and confidence in making complex workforce decisions
  • Single source of truth reporting that combines and layers disparate data into a collective view while minimizing cost

Reporting is accomplished via a single data warehouse instance that aggregates data from multiple source systems. This multi-source approach breaks the limitations of traditional silo-based reporting options contained in individual systems (i.e., HR, payroll, learning, hiring, etc.). Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost


Interfaces to Bureau/Agency and other service provider systems

Provides data feeds to multiple internal Bureau/Agency systems, including data warehouses, Learning Management systems, and other service providers. These interfaces can be accomplished through a variety of technical processes.
Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Help Desk Support

Second and third tier Help Desk support supplements an organization’s first tier. The Treasury HRLOB Customer Solutions (CS) Help Desk helps users understand and benefit from the product capabilities by answering question, solving problems, and providing training. Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

Career Development Tools

Treasury HRLOB provides training business system training products that may be found on the EBS Training portal site, Connect-2-Learn (C2L). The C2L products include job aids, online courses, system process maps, and user guides.  Included in O&M Annual Seat Cost

System Training

Treasury HRLOB conducts customized training for HRConnect and Workforce Analytics customers. The customized courses include modular topic lessons targeted to address competency needs for specific audiences. All training, regardless of the topic(s) selected, includes discussions, activities, and hands-on experiences using the HRConnect or Workforce Analytics systems to process required actions. Separately Priced

Business Process Analysis

The Treasury HRLOB Business Process Reengineering specialists assess the agency’s current processes and develop future state processes and a plan for implementation.  This is based on an analysis done with the organization to ensure that the customers' processes are in alignment with and best utilize the HRLOB technologies. Separately Priced

Organization Change Management

Treasury HRLOB Change Management consultants provide guidance, lessons  learned, best practices, and variety of processes and techniques to obtain  stakeholders’ support for change. This is done with the customer to ensure that executive sponsorship and change agents are identified early in the process to ensure success. Separately Priced