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Now Recruiting for International Economists

Treasury’s Office of International Affairs (IA) is now accepting applications for International Economist with multiple openings in Washington, D.C.  Below you will find information about IA and the International Economist position as well as How to Apply instructions and links to Zoom Information sessions.  At the bottom of the page we included detailed information about our interview and hiring process to help you prepare.


About the Office of International Affairs (IA)

IA works to ensure the most favorable external environment for sustained jobs and economic growth in the United States.  IA economists produce international policy analyses to support the work of the Secretary and to inform the office’s diverse but interrelated set of activities.  These activities include promoting policy positions, securing commitments, and negotiating agreements around the world supportive of U.S. goals.  The Office engages with groups of countries on a multilateral basis through fora such as the G7, the G20, multilateral development banks and climate investment funds, the International Monetary Fund, and the Financial Stability Board and in bilateral engagements either directly with counterparts in foreign ministries of finance or through structured forums.


About the International Economist Position

International Economists assist senior-level Treasury officials in the development of U.S. international economic policy.  Typical duties include:

  • Preparing regular updates of regional economic or financial market activity for senior leaders;
  • Conducting background research on relevant regional economic issues or sectoral policies;
  • Developing policy analysis of regional economies, financial reforms, trade and investment initiatives, or development, environment and energy issues;
  • Attending and reporting on official meetings in and outside of government;
  • Interacting with other Treasury offices, U.S. Government agencies, and foreign officials on relevant matters; and
  • Drafting policy papers and/or memos on key issues affecting the region or relevant topic area.



Staff are assigned substantive portfolios with a significant economics/finance component.  In addition to strong analytical skills, positions require the ability to present views clearly, concisely and in short-time frames, both orally and in writing. Candidates customarily have a masters or doctorate degree in economics, international affairs, public policy, finance or business.  Candidates need a minimum of 21 credit hours in economics (either undergraduate or graduate level classes are acceptable) plus 3 credit hours in statistics, accounting, or calculus.  Positions are announced on USAJobs.gov at the GS-11, GS-12, GS-13, and GS-14 levels. Foreign language capability is desirable, but not necessary. All candidates must be U.S. citizens and able to obtain and maintain a national security clearance. 


How to Apply

A vacancy announcement for International Economist with multiple openings in Washington DC can be found on USAJobs at this link now through May 3, 2024: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/786211200.


Zoom Information Sessions

The IA Recruiting Committee will host two Zoom Information Sessions to talk about the organization, explain the hiring process, and answer candidates’ questions (if you cannot make the sessions we plan to record and post it on the website).  These info sessions will be led by current International Economists from various IA offices. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and hear about their experiences working in IA. The info sessions will be held on the following dates.  Please register in advance with your name and email address.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 7:00pm: 

Register in advance for this webinar:


Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 3:00pm: 

Register in advance for this webinar:



International Economist Interview and Hiring Process

Application Process and Timeline

  1. Candidate applies to job announcement on USAJobs, self certifies that they meet the educational requirement, and answers screening questions.  The candidate will automatically receive a message telling them that they need to submit answers to two essay questions by the closing date of the announcement. 
  2. The IA Recruiting Committee evaluates candidates’ applications, including essays, against a standard set of criteria.  Writing is a critical component of the International Economist position, and the Recruiting Committee closely examines both the substantive arguments made and the clarity of the writing in the application essay questions.  Candidates determined to be best qualified will proceed to the next round. 
  3. The first round of interviews is conducted by phone with two members of the Recruiting Committee. The phone interview consists of questions that seek to determine your motivation for applying to the international economist position and potential fit at the agency.  Interviewers will also evaluate your understanding of global macroeconomic developments and technical understanding of macroeconomic dynamics.  Interviewers will score candidates based on a standard set of criteria and those passing the phone interview will move on to the next round. 
  4. The final stage of Recruiting Committee assessment consists of a panel interview and one-on-one interview.  Interviewers will again assess technical skills and understanding of global developments, diving more deeply than the phone screening to gauge a candidate’s knowledge and abilities (more details below).  This interview is considered to be the primary assessment tool of a candidate’s technical skills. The panel interview is conducted in-person or via web conference by three Recruiting Committee members.  A separate one-on-one interview is conducted by a Deputy Assistant Secretary or office director.  Candidates are scored against a standard set of criteria by all interviewers. 
  5. The Recruiting Committee then compiles a list of ‘ready-hire’ candidates based on the final set of interviews.  Ready-hire candidates are shared with IA hiring managers for selection. Managers with an existing vacancy may be eligible to make a selection.  In making their selection, some may elect to have further conversations (interviews) with candidates. 


Panel Interview Structure

Applicants invited to panel interviews should expect to devote up to a half-day. The panel interview will be conducted by three IA International Economists and will last for approximately one hour.  Interview questions will cover the candidate’s background, interest in working for Treasury, responses to the application essay questions, and technical questions to evaluate analytical competency and fluency across topics in macroeconomics, development finance, and financial markets.

A sample technical question a candidate may be asked could be along the following: A country faces a dilemma as to whether to move away from a fixed exchange rate.  How would you analyze the potential risks and benefits?

In both the phone screening and panel interview, interviewers are looking to assess the candidate’s technical competencies and how successful they may be in achieving the International Economist job competencies as described in the USAJobs posting.  In their responses, candidates should draw from their own academic and professional experience and cite relevant and specific examples in their responses.  Candidates should be prepared to respond clearly and concisely and discuss relevant academic principles, policy implications, and real-world examples. 

Candidates’ interviews are evaluated across the following broad categories:   

  • Technical competence in macroeconomics 
  • Technical competence in other Office of International Affairs core competencies (e.g. development finance, financial sector analysis)
  • Familiarity with the Office of International Affairs’ processes and public policy motivation 
  • Leadership experience and potential (for GS-14 applicants)
  • Oral presentation and interpersonal skills


Preparation Tips

We recommend that you prepare for the interview both by reviewing the academic concepts noted and by familiarizing yourself with current events and global economic, financial, and development challenges.  Our goal is to determine whether there is a match between your skills, interests, and qualifications, and vacancies within the organization.

Writing is a critical component of the International Economist position.  The Recruiting Committee closely examines both the substantive arguments made and the clarity of the writing in the application essay questions.  Essay responses are used throughout the evaluation process and shared with hiring managers.  We recommend devoting sufficient time to this portion of the application.  At any point throughout the interview and evaluation process the Recruiting Committee may request additional writing samples for further assessment. 


If you have questions email IARecruitment@treasury.gov