A diverse workforce increases productivity and enhances the Department’s ability to maneuver in an increasingly competitive market.

To that end, the Department is committed to creating the conditions that allow its programs and activities to perform efficiently and effectively, while continuing to drive results through performance and cost-based decision-making, aligning resources to deliver outcomes, investing in, securing and leveraging information technology, closing skill gaps, recruiting and retaining a high performing workforce, and developing effective leadership. Therefore, managing diversity at the Department of the Treasury involves creating and maintaining a work environment that:  

  1. Attracts the widest pool of talent; 
  2. Provides opportunities for all employees to maximize their potential and contribute to the agency’s mission; and 
  3. Ensures all employees are treated with dignity and respect.

The Office of Civil Rights and Diversity (OCRD) in conjunction with the Office of Human Capital Strategic Management, is charged with ensuring the recruitment and retention of a well-qualified diverse workforce to meet the current and emerging mission related needs of the Department of the Treasury.