Headquarters Student Internship Program

Want to learn more about Treasury’s mission to promote economic prosperity and ensure financial security of the United States?  Interested in learning more about a career in public service? Come spend a semester with us at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  Treasury’s Departmental Offices (headquarters) student internship program is an unpaid opportunity to support Treasury’s work in promoting economic prosperity and ensuring the financial security of the United States.

What are the benefits of the Treasury student internship?

Treasury student internships are unpaid opportunities in Washington, D.C. designed to provide high school, undergraduate, and graduate students with work experience and direct exposure to federal careers.  Internships at Treasury give students a unique opportunity to:  

  • Gain substantive career experience related to academic interests,
  • Acquire lifelong leadership, management, and analytical skills,
  • Explore different career avenues in the public sector,
  • Build professional relationships, contacts, and networks, and
  • Observe daily operations and working environment of a cabinet-level federal agency.

Are you right for our team?

Think Treasury careers are just for economists and accountants?  Think again. Treasury seeks students from a broad range of fields and studies that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Social Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Public Policy, International Affairs, International Development)
  • Management/Law (Business Management, Public Administration, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Communications/Journalism, Legal Studies/Law)
  • STEM (Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics/Statistics)

How will you contribute?

While duties and responsibilities will vary by office assignment, examples of potential duties include:

  • Collecting, analyzing, and presenting data in support of policy priorities
  • Researching and summarizing academic literature and news pertinent to mission areas
  • Drafting talking points, briefing materials, and reports for Treasury leaders and stakeholders
  • Attending and reporting on relevant Congressional hearings, official meetings, and conferences in and outside of government
  • Interacting with Treasury colleagues and other U.S. government agencies on relevant matters
  • Organizing high-level meetings and/or conferences
  • Contributing to key management functions and initiatives, such as budget formulation; strategic planning and organizational performance evaluation; human capital planning; information technology system launches and upgrades; and web content management.

Which office is the best fit for you?

Students can work in one of many offices which make up Treasury Departmental Offices (headquarters).  Departmental Offices is a collection of divisions that are primarily responsible for development of courses of action in the areas of economics, finance, and national security as well as for the overall management of the Treasury Department. As part of the application process, you will be asked to apply to up to three offices described on Treasury's website
Opportunities to contribute in these offices are far-reaching and depend on mission need and student interest.  If you interested in...

Boosting U.S. economic growth, read more about the:

  • Office of Domestic Finance,
  • Office of Tax Policy, and
  • Office of Economic Policy.

Promoting financial stability, read more about the:

  • Office of Domestic Finance, and
  • Office of International Affairs.

Enhancing national security, read more about the:

  • Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence and
  • Office of International Affairs.

Transforming government-wide financial stewardship, read more about the:

  • Office of Domestic Finance.

Helping Treasury achieve operational excellence, read more about the:

  • Office of Management, which is responsible for the internal management and policy of the Department in the areas of budget, planning, human resources, risk management, information technology (IT) and management, financial management and accounting, procurement, privacy, records, and administrative services,
  • General Counsel,
  • Legislative Affairs, and
  • Public Affairs.

How do you apply?

Eligibility Requirements.  Students must be U.S. citizens and maintain student eligibility and enrollment throughout the duration of the internship. (Students must be enrolled or accepted at an accredited institution). Graduated students may not volunteer beyond his/her graduation date without proof of future enrollment in an accredited university.
Application Process.  All internship opportunities will be announced on www.usajobs.gov
Key Dates.  Treasury typically offers internship opportunities in the spring, summer, and fall. 

  • Spring Internship Period (January-May): Apply in October.
  • Summer Internship Period (May-August): Apply in December.
  • Fall Internship Period (September-December): Apply in June.