Recipient Compliance and Reporting Responsibilities

Capital Projects Fund recipients are required to meet certain compliance and reporting requirements.  This supports transparency, responsibility, and equity in use of these vital resources.

Recipient reporting requirements vary by eligible use and project type.

Compliance and Reporting Guidance

There are two types of reporting requirements for the CPF Program:

  • Project and Expenditure Report (P&E Report): A quarterly report to provide information on Projects funded, obligations, expenditures, project status, outputs, performance indicators, and other information. 
  • Annual Performance Report (Performance Report): An annual report to provide information on CPF-funded Programs and to describe the outputs and outcomes of Programs.

All reporting must be submitted through Treasury’s Reporting Portal. For more information on reporting requirements, Recipients should review the Capital Projects Fund Compliance and Reporting Guidance for States, Territories, and Freely Associated States (updated March 20, 2024). This guidance is not applicable to Tribal governments. Tribal Recipients should instead refer to the Tribal Government Reporting Guidance

User Guide

Recipients should consult the Capital Projects Fund Project and Expenditure Report User Guide for assistance completing the P&E Report in the Treasury Portal.

Bulk Upload Templates

CPF recipients may choose to provide the project and subrecipient data required by the P&E Report using the bulk upload process.

1A – Broadband Infrastructure Project Template

1B – Digital Connectivity Technology Project Template

1C – Multi-Purpose Community Facility Project Template

Subrecipient Template

Broadband Location Data

Those recipients with Broadband Infrastructure (1A) program plans are required to provide project-level location data using the Broadband Infrastructure Project Location Data Template.

  • Starting with the July 2023 P&E Report, Treasury is requesting:
    • The unique Location ID (from the FCC’s Broadband Serviceable Fabric Locations), and
    • The Provider ID (provided by the FCC to all ISPs that have filed or will file with the FCC’s Broadband Data Collection)


For completed Broadband Infrastructure (1A) projects, Recipients are required to provide data on speed tiers offered and corresponding non-promotional prices, including associated fees, for each speed tier of broadband service. Data should be uploaded to the project using the Speed and Pricing Template.

Recipient Compliance and Reporting Resources for Tribal Entities

On June 7, 2023, Treasury published revised Capital Projects Fund Compliance and Reporting Guidance for Tribal Entities.

Tribal Entities should consult the Capital Projects Fund Annual Report User Guide for assistance completing the Tribal Annual Report.

Treasury hosted an Annual Report Information Session with step-by-step instructions, which includes a walkthrough of the reporting portal, to assist recipients in their report submission:

Accessing Treasury's Portal

Treasury Portal Instructions -

Treasury Portal Instructions -

Compliance Portal Login and Account Validation

Updating User Roles in Portal

Additional Compliance and Reporting Resources

2023 CPF Compliance Supplement (21.029)

2022 CPF Compliance Supplement