History of the Treasury Library

The Treasury Library provides convenient access to mission critical information required by Departmental Offices (Treasury headquarters) and Treasury bureaus.  The Treasury Library also provides information about the Department of the Treasury requested by the public.  The oldest known reference to the library in Treasury documents is from 1823.  Among the oldest items in the library’s holdings is a first edition of Secretary Albert Gallatin’s A Sketch of the Finances of the United States published in 1796. 


The Treasury Library’s collection includes content on Treasury’s organizational history, law, politics and international relations, economics, tax policy, domestic finance, and national security studies.  The library relocated to the Freedman’s Bank Building (formerly the Treasury Annex) from Main Treasury in January 2013.

2015 marked the Treasury Library’s 120th anniversary as a Federal Depository Library.  The Treasury Library is a unit within the Office of Privacy, Transparency, and Records (PTR), reporting to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for PTR and the Assistant Secretary for Management