Brent Neiman

Deputy Under Secretary / Assistant Secretary for International Finance

Content Image: Deputy Under Secretary / Assistant Secretary for International Finance

Brent Neiman serves as the Deputy Under Secretary for International Finance at the U.S Department of the Treasury. Prior to his confirmation, he was a Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury. At Treasury, he engages in a broad variety of international economic priorities, including our response to Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine, cross-border debt issues, IMF governance and programs, global financial regulation and supervision, digital assets and cross-border payments, and key bilateral issues with various countries. Before joining the Treasury department, Neiman was the Edward Eagle Brown Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. His teaching and research focused on international macroeconomics, finance, and trade. He was a co-founder of the Global Capital Allocation Project and served as the director of the Initiative on International Economics at the Becker Friedman Institute and co-director of the Initiative for Global Markets at Chicago Booth. Neiman previously served as the staff economist for international finance on the White House Council of Economic Advisers and has worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, at McKinsey and Company, and at the McKinsey Global Institute. In addition, Neiman was a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a research fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research, and an associate editor of The American Economic Review, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, and The Journal of International Economics. Neiman earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Pennsylvania. He earned a master’s degree in mathematical modelling from Oxford University, where he was a Thouron Scholar, and received his PhD in economics from Harvard University.