Management and Budget

The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget (DASMB) has responsibility for strategic planning, budget formulation, organizational issues, and program evaluation. 

​The DASMB oversees the strategic planning processes and the implementation of the Government Performance and Results Act, analyzes resource requests and allocations, as well as budget execution. This responsibility includes making recommendations to departmental offices and bureaus on budget priorities and strategies.  The DASMB prepares and coordinates the annual budget submission for the Department to OMB, and works with OMB on the Department’s portion of the President’s Budget. The office also formulates, manages, and directs the budget process for Departmental Offices.


Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement

​Treasury’s Office of Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement (OSPPI) sets departmental organizational performance policy and provides agency-wide internal management consulting services in operations strategy, implementation, and continuous process improvement. OSPPI’s Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) program directs business process redesign/improvement projects to cultivate a process improvement culture across the Department. OSPPI leads Lean Six Sigma training courses to expand Treasury’s cadre of process improvement professionals and foster a Department-wide network of CPI practitioners.


Performance Budgeting

​The mission of the Office of Performance Budgeting, in coordination with the Office of Strategic Planning and Performance Management, is to ensure that Treasury’s annual performance supports the Department’s strategic plan, and to advocate execution of the budget efficiently and effectively toward the achievement of optimal performance levels across all Treasury bureaus. The Office also provide guidance to the Bureaus on policy issues.