Procurement Executive

The Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) leads the Office of the Procurement Executive (OPE). OPE is responsible for the Department’s acquisition system, including: policy development; establishment of acquisition goals; evaluation and monitoring of bureau organizations; strategic sourcing, governance of federal-wide and Treasury procurement systems; career management; and continuous improvement of the acquisition environment.  OPE supports the use of streamlined, cost effective, best value procurement strategies while encouraging achievement of socio-economic participation goals in our nation’s business.



​The mission of the Office of the Procurement Executive is to assist bureau operations in ensuring that quality goods and services are delivered on time to support Treasury's program. Our primary goals are to help bureaus provide the best procurement service possible within the scope of law and regulation; promote partnership among the bureau procurement offices' staff and customers; provide value added analysis, policy recommendations and guidance; focus on measurable results; combine our expertise and experience with other agency procurement professionals; expand the use of best practices; and ensure that government assets and resources are wisely managed.


E-Government: Integrated Acquisition Environment

The Treasury Office of the Procurement Executive (OPE) is committed to embracing the ideals and benefits associated with the implementation of E-Government. OPE is fully engaged with the GSA Program Office that manages the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) which is a Presidential E-Government initiative.The purpose of the IAE is to simplify, unify and streamline the complex federal acquisition process for government buyers and sellers. OPE participates and contributes to the various Councils, Functional Requirements Boards, and working level meetings aimed at promoting, improving and implementing the E-Government systems that collectively form the IAE. For further information on the IAE systems, visit


Credit Card Services Program

The Department of the Treasury uses Citibank MasterCard under the GSA SmartPay Contract to provide purchase, travel, and fleet card services for the Department.


Access to justifications for other than competitive acquisitions

The Department of the Treasury provides access to justifications for other than competitive acquisitions according to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.305(d)(2); 8.405-6(a)(2)(i)(B)(2); 13.501(a)(1)(iii); and 16.505(b)(2)(ii)(D)(2)(ii) on the Government Point of Entry (GPE) (also known as the Federal Business Opportunities web site) which is available at  See Contact information for Advocates for Competition and Task-order and Delivery-order Ombudsmen.