Capital Purchase Program (CPP)

Program Purpose and Overview

The Capital Purchase Program (CPP) was launched to stabilize the financial system by providing capital to viable financial institutions of all sizes throughout the nation. Without a viable banking system, lending to businesses and consumers could have frozen and the financial crisis might have spiraled further out of control.

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Key Facts

  • The CPP helped bolster the capital position of viable institutions of all sizes and built confidence in these institutions and the financial system as a whole.

  • Under CPP, Treasury provided capital to 707 financial institutions in 48 states.

  • The final investment under the CPP was made in December 2009, and Treasury has since focused on recovering the investments.

  • Taxpayers have already recovered more than the amount invested in banks through the CPP.
  • Treasury is in the process of winding down its remaining bank investments in a way that protects taxpayer interests and preserves the strength of our nation's banks.